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    5 Books For The Wanderlust Reader

    Have you been bit by the travel bug or are dreaming about your next journey? Pick up these 5 titles and enjoy the gift of international travel without breaking the bank. Immerse yourself in these adventurous reads by authors who paint colorful pictures of places near and far!

    London Belongs To Me by Jacquelyn Middleton

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    Pack your bags and wave hello to the Queen with this page-turning journey taking you across the pond. Feeling broken from an unexpected betrayal Alex Sinclair flees sunny Florida for the rainy streets of London. Alex believes London is where she belongs; after all it's the home of her favorite TV shows, plays and fan girl heroes. She's determined to make her dreams of writing for the theatre come true, but with barely a year's worth of rent money on her, she has to make this happen fast. When a rival threatens Alex's career and new romance, she is left asking herself if London really is where she belongs.

    Miracle at Midlife: A Transatlantic Romance by Roni Beth Tower

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    Say bonjour to the opportunity of finding love later in life with this honest and inspiring journey set in Paris. Both in their fifties, clinical psychologist Roni Beth and attorney David have given up on the idea of love and true companionship until a chance encounter brings them together. Travel between Paris and the US with Roni Beth and David as they explore falling in love later in life, navigate their internal demons, and learn how to make a life together. The poignant and memorable journey of their transatlantic romance will have readers of all ages hunting for their passport and planning an adventure to the city of love.

    Across The Way by Amy K. McClung

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    Marie is making her dream come true: visit all 50 states before she turns 25. With a two-year trip ahead she is forced to say goodbye to her family and her best friend Jayce. Knowing that distance could hurt their relationship they form a pact and Marie sets off on her adventure. Along the way, she learns that this is more than a trip across the country. It’s a path to find out where she really belongs. Read along as she travels from state to state and explore all the beautiful sights through Marie’s eyes.

    Found: A Novel by Emily Brett

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    Australia and Belize are right at your fingertips when you travel around the world with twenty-seven-year-old ICU nurse Natalie Ulster. With a desire to see the world and a fear of dying young like her mother, she decides to become a travel nurse and accepts assignments in various locations. Along the way, she meets Dr. Joel Lansfield who understands her grief and loves her for just who she is, although she is not ready to open herself to love just yet. Through her adventures, she somehow escapes near-death accidents, leading her to question if someone might be trying to kill her.

    Beautiful Secret by Dana Faletti

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    Thirty-three year old Tate Robbins has lost everything. When her dying Nana urges her to take a trip to Europe as her dying wish, Tate jumps at the chance. Nana tells Tate to visit Luisa, her sister in law and best friend. Upon meeting Luisa, Tate begins to explore her family’s European history. Set in the lush French Ardennes and southern Italy, Tate learns to open herself to the world around her, reunites with old family and makes some new friends along the way. Told from the intertwined perspectives of Tate in modern times and Nana Maria’s life in the 1940’s, this story will transport you across the country on an international journey unlike any other.