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    5 Haunting Novels Not For The Faint Of Heart

    Think creepy clowns walking around our neighborhoods is scary? Think again because these authors have scarier things in mind. Pick up any of these books and dive into their mysteriously haunting stories full of secrets, terror and nightmares. Read them all ... if you dare.

    The Witch House of Persimmon Point by Suzanne Palmieri

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    The Lost Witch returns with her most powerful novel yet. Byrd Whalen finds her way back to her ancestral home to uncover family secrets that test what she knows about herself. She quickly learns of the dark haunted past of the Amore women, dating back to the matriarch who changed the course of her family's destiny forever in a house both terrible and wonderful. Find yourself immersed in this chilling Gothic family saga.

    Dead Souls: A Novel by J. Lincoln Fenn

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    It's not every day that someone walks up to you at a bar claiming they're the devil. For Fionna Dunn, that moment felt like a really strange pickup line, so she went with it. When he offered her a wish in exchange for her immortal soul, she laughed at the idea and agreed. Finding herself soon surrounded by other "dead souls" that made the same promise, they all live in fear of when the day comes that he asks a favor of them they are obligated to carry out. You'll have to sleep with the lights on after reading this terrifying journey of dead souls.

    The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison

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    There's a garden that is home to many colorful flowers, big, shadowy trees, and one Gardener's collection of "butterflies," the term he uses for the women he has kidnapped and tattooed to resemble their namesakes. The Gardener works tirelessly to preserve his precious collection. After being discovered, two FBI agents are tasked with piecing together the sickest of all cases through the eyes of Maya, who is a secret herself. Sharing tales from inside the garden, Maya leaves the agents wondering just how much she is still hiding. Don't get caught in the Gardener's collection.

    Mister White: A Dark Thriller by John C. Foster

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    When a group of American spies turns bad and manages to unleash an evil force that feeds on the fears of all people, one family faces this new supernatural dilemma that has consumed all of humanity while only having one person on which to depend for their salvation. Take a chilling ride this season with a story of international espionage that will leave you asking the question you shouldn't dare to ask: "Who is Mister White?"

    Medusa's Web: A Novel by Tim Powers

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    Siblings Scott and Madeline Madden grew up in Caveat, an old, spooky mansion in the Hollywood hills, where they were forced to return to after their Aunt Amity's suicide. Though they were raised with their reclusive cousins, malicious Claimayne and his sister Ariel, they do not welcome them back to their supernatural childhood home. As Scott and Madeline explore the mansion, they quickly realize Caveat is full of dark family secrets that date back to silent Hollywood film stars. Surround yourself with spells, creepy "spiders" that transport you through time, and mystery that could possibly free the Madden family ... or pull them deeper into the deadly web.

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