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10 September Reads You Must Find Time For

September is here and reading is well underway in schools across the nation. Take a reading break for yourself and add these 10 September releases to your list of to-dos.

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1. Rooville by Julie Long


Owen Martin returned home to find the town he loved and desired has drastically changed. Following the Transcendental Mediation movement, the town now consists of vegans and secrets versus burger lovers and simplicity. The family farm needs saving, feelings are developed for the other girl, and the town is falling apart as Owen is questioning, “can you ever really go home again?”

2. This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance! by Jonathan Evison


After her husband of fifty-five years has passed away, Harriet Chance decides to aboard an Alaskan cruise they originally planned together. Harriet consistently envisions her late husband along side her and runs into her estranged daughter during the voyage. A cruise that was originally embarked for a time of relaxation has become a journey of questioning for Harriet— unsure if she wants to know the truth.

3. Sleeping with the Enemy by Tracy Solheim


Jay McManus is about to loose his steady reputation after upsetting an unnamed blogger and the cheerleaders for his pro football team, the Baltimore Blaze. Amusingly, his ex lover has to defend him. Bridgett Janik was heart broken by Jay and now in charge of confronting his battles, only to find her own. Jay is seeking a second chance, but Bridgett believes she is sleeping with the enemy.

4. The Unyielding Future by Brian O'Grady


There is a force that can go one of two ways—save or destroy. A family has learned about the forces and is about to have control of changing the future. However, modifying the future seems relentless and they are discovering more about the world than they are interested in.

5. BIGLAW by Lindsay Cameron


Working in a high-profile law firm with a generous salary and charming boyfriend should satisfy Mackenzie Corbett as she lives out her New York fantasy. However, not all is seen. Mackenzie is sleep deprived, her boyfriend is nagging for more attention, and she is paired with an annoying partner. Her dream job is about to become a horror story as she climbs to the top of the corporate ladder.

6. Did You Ever Have A Family by Bill Glegg


June is the only one left standing after her daughter, future son in law, ex-husband, and boyfriend died the night before her daughter’s wedding. A network of people from her town share grief of their losses affecting family members to the caterer. The community’s future is altered as the past is now present though sorrow for the misfortunate event.

7. The Good Neighbor by A. J. Banner


Sarah McDonald moved to a town she has yearned for. Whimsical streets surrounded by the plush forest with friendly neighbors overfills Sarah with joy, until one evening and everything flips. Sarah is stuck putting back together her life with distrust for everyone around her after secrets are exposed.

8. The First Bad Man by Miranda July


Cheryl’s life is twisted after her bosses twenty-one-year-old daughter moves into her home. Forty-year-old Cheryl is known as an uneasy and sensitive woman who prefers to live alone. She believes a young boy is haunting her and she has a relationship with an Open Palm board member. The beautiful twenty-one-year-old is about to provide lifetime of relief for Cheryl through her unwelcoming advice on love.

9. Reading the Sweet Oak by Jan Stites


Ruby has taken it upon herself to teach her granddaughter, Tulsa, that risks are worth the potential fall. Tulsa doesn’t have time for her own love stories, but doesn’t want to upset her grandmother. Soon, Tulsa and her grandmother start their very own romance book club with their friends and are surprised by what they learn along the way. A story of friendship, love, and beauty is developed as friends explore romance through a book club along the Sweet Oak River.

10. House of Thieves by Charles Belfoure


An infamous gang in New York is unrelated to architect John Cross—until his gambling son owes Kent Gent money. John knows the ins and outs of local mansions and museums that are the perfect setting for robbery to relieve his son. He is now an asset to gang and engulfed by the rush, but will he put his family at risk with just one mistake?

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