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18 Signs You Found Your Soul Roommate

I dedicate this feed to my lovely roommate/best friend Hannah!

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1. You give them "The Look" and they instantly know what you're thinking about.

2. You basically eat all your meals together.

3. You're not afraid to yell at each other.

4. You say the most random outrageous things in front of them and they never judge you.

5. If someone crosses the line you know they got your back.

6. They make you cakes for all occasions.

7. They have seen you at your worst and they still love you.

8. You keep each other updated on all the hot gossip. You collectively know everything about everyone.

9. You look forward to going to bed because pillow talk is a sacred bonding time.

10. You basically come as a package deal...and sometimes you even wear the same outfits.

11. They're most likely in every one of your profile pictures on Facebook.

12. You do completely idiotic things in public which no one else understands.


13. They literally help you pick out every thing you wear.

14. And do your hair.

15. They support all of your bad decisions.

16. When no one else is having fun you two are. You are the party.

17. They're so great that the thought of not living with them is as bad as a breakup.

18. But then you just decide you're going to live with each other forever.

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