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    "Fantastic Four" Looked Very Different In The Trailer

    Several images that appear in Fantastic Four's trailers and teasers didn't end up in the the actual film.

    It's no secret that an attempt to reboot Fantastic Four as a superhero movie franchise has not gone well. The film opened to horrible buzz, low turnout, and has received terrible reviews.

    But eagle-eyed entertainment writer Dave Gonzales noticed something else about the movie: several trailer and teaser images didn't end up in the final cut of the film.

    Fantastic Four. So many things we were told/were hinted at/are in trailers are straight up not in that movie. Something horrible happened.

    Courtesy of Gonzales, here are some of the images that appeared in the trailers, but not in the film itself.

    And, yes, not in the movie. That's still not ALL of them. Because: jeez.

    Also, some colors have been altered since cutting the promos.

    Oh, also? All this red stuff has been made green.

    On the eve of the film's release, director Josh Trank declared in a tweet (that has seen been deleted) that he made a very different version of this movie, and these differences seem to confirm that significant changes were made.