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"SNL" Found A Way To Make A Black Widow Movie Seem Terrible

Host Scarlett Johansson appeared as her Avengers character Black Widow, who finally gets her own film, Black Widow: Age of Me, a romantic comedy complete with an aloof bad boy love interest — Ultron.

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On this week's episode of Saturday Night Live, the show asked what's been on lots of minds.

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That question was answered when host Scarlett Johansson revived her beloved, badass Avenger, Black Widow, as the star of her own film — at long last.

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But wait. Something's not right: In Black Widow: Age of Me, our heroine is navigating life in "the big city" and outfitted with a pink cardigan and flowery high heels.

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She's got a huge New York apartment, despite having just landed her dream job: intern at Fashion Weekly.

The only thing missing from Black Widow's fabulous life is love.

Naturally, superheroic romantic hijinks ensue.

But things really take a turn when Ultron Ultrons in that special way only Ultron can — by throwing a bus into the Fashion Weekly building.

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Still she has a great group of supportive and interesting friends…

And that one platonic relationship that could be more, if only she'd stop chasing the wrong guy!

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What's our beloved BW to do? Have a crying montage, of course.

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Until finally, she sees the light.

What a dilemma! Will Black Widow choose Paris or love? Valentine's Day 2016 just can't come fast enough.

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