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“A Deadly Adoption” Shocked Everyone By Actually Playing It Straight

The Lifetime movie starring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig had a convoluted backstory more surprising than its actual plot.

When news of A Deadly Adoption, a seemingly sincere Lifetime original movie starring Saturday Night Life alumni Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig, was announced — or was it leaked? — on April 1, most people thought it was an elaborate April Fools' joke.

Shortly afterward, Ferrell made a statement that he and Wiig had decided to "forgo the project entirely."

But given the cast, it was still unclear whether this had been planned as a network-sanctioned spoof of the cheesy tropes found in most Lifetime original movies or if it was the real deal.

Then Lifetime announced an airdate and released an official teaser for it, revealing the project wasn't canceled after all.

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When A Deadly Adoption aired Saturday night, it turned out to be a completely straight-faced adoption-gone-awry tale, disappointing viewers who were expecting a two-hour spoof of Lifetime movies.

watching #ADeadlyAdoption is a surreal experience. Is it funny? Is it serious? The world may never know.

There is something so Andy Kaufman-ish about this Ferrell/Wiig Lifetime movie. It is being played soooo straight. #ADeadlyAdoption

Can't tell if #ADeadlyAdoption is supposed to be ironically funny or not. Anyone finish the whole thing? I'm semi bored so far

#ADeadlyAdoption is two movies in one. It's a straight up thriller, and it's a comedy.You can enjoy it as either, like the gold/white dress.

Others thought the cast and their performances worked in its favor.

MESMERIZED by's like Sharknado for moms...

In the future, people will say "That guy from #ADeadlyAdoption also did comedies, I think."

Will Ferrell must have gone to the Meredith Baxter Acting Seminar. It's Perfect #DeadlyAdoption #ADeadlyAdoption

You can tell this isn't a real Lifetime movie because plot developments occurred before the final ten minutes. #ADeadlyAdoption

The movie aired four consecutive times Saturday night. Finally, people realized they had just watched a Lifetime movie several times.

Oh now I get watching #ADeadlyAdoption the joke's on me.

If you missed #ADeadlyAdoption, Lifetime is replaying it 3 more times between now and 4am

If you've missed #ADeadlyAdoption the first 5 times it inevitably aired. It is currently starting again...

Tonight's SNL was weird. #ADeadlyAdoption