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    27 Things From Target That'll Improve Your Home's ~Aesthetic~ Without Breaking The Bank

    It's called living on a budget...but make it fashion.

    1. A textured ottoman because "footstool" just doesn't sound as chic. And this right here, is most definitely swank. Tassels! And beads! And tufting! Oh my! So, go ahead: Take a load off your feet — and your wallet — and pile on the style instead.

    White ottoman on hardwood floor of living room with one black and one white basket on top

    2. A pair of light-filtering window curtain panels because you're all about that bringing-the-outside-in type of life. And with this natural-branches pattern pick, you can do that for the low. To get the best lewk, ordering two to three times your rod's width is recommended. Outfitted with eight silver grommets per panel, you can easily get these beauties up.

    Curtains with a branches design hanging from window in home

    3. A vibrant framed art print that'll give your blah bedroom instant island bungalow vibes for waaaaay less than a round-trip ticket. They're super easy to hang because of the sawtooth back so you can mount them anywhere to extend the vacay feels.

    4. An eight-piece wavy mirror set that'll do more than spit your reflection back at you — it'll upgrade your space with a classy, curvy, minimalistic edge. Plus, it comes with 32 wall stickers, so you can position these pieces in any design shape you want.

    Eight-piece mirror set mounted on gray wall above shelf with books, framed art, and other accessories

    5. A peacock table lamp for a flashy yet functional addition to your space. A conversation starter for sure, this budget-friendly buy is perfect for illuminating discussions *and* rooms.

    Lamp on stucco shelf surrounded by pottery, a plant, and other decor

    6. A faux potted plant because you want to be a plant parent, but you don't have what it takes to keep living ones, well, living. Is set it and forget it more your speed? Then this maintenance-free fig leaf arrangement comes ready to go in its own ceramic container. A lush little accent that "lives" forever? Yaaassss.

    Fig leaf plant in vase on wooden shelf in front of window in office

    7. A marble arch statement piece that doesn't come with "sticker shock." Made with real, white marble and under seven pounds, this figurine can elevate the environment of any room in your home. Now, this is what we call staying up on the latest trends (arches are legit everywhere, rn!) for less.

    Arched decor placed on top of circular wooden table in living room

    8. A hammock rope chair for your backyard patio that's perfect for lounging on a lazy summer (fall, winter, or spring) day because the all-weather, fade-resistant design makes it so. Take a nap, curl up with a book, or just get into chill mode — while keeping your spending on this light. Note: You will need to purchase the hanging hardware separately.

    White rope swing chair hanging on patio

    9. A decorative throw pillow to add visual interest to an otherwise plain couch. And at this price point, you can afford to grab all four available sizes — what seating will you zhuzh up next?

    Decorative pillow on gray sofa in living room

    10. A bar cart to make kitchen storage ~and entertaining guests~ a breeze. For less than two bottles of high-end wine, you can cop this versatile chariot, which comes equipped with a countertop, wine rack, glass holders, and a bottom shelf. Salud!

    Black, rectangular bar cart against kitchen wall. It's holding wine bottles, glasses, dishes, mixers, and a decorative plant.

    11. A set of peel-and-stick floor tiles for those of us who aren't ballin' enough to afford new flooring but crave a room refresh with the quickness. No need for grout, mallets, spacers, and such — these easy-to-install blue, white, and gray tiles lay easily over any hard surface.

    Blue and gray floor tiles in bathroom below long, wooden table with wash basin

    12. A black, metal accent table that looks so sophisticated, it'll scream "big-ticket item," but you'll know you got it for a legit steal. Class it up even more by adding a stack of books, a small plant, or a statement sculpture on top. It's also good for holding TV remotes, tbh.

    Black side table with wooden top placed next to beige chair in room; books and a decorative vase sit atop it.

    13. A ladder-style bookshelf to turn your clutter into a fine art exhibition. With five cubes of varying sizes to hold the things that used to be strewn about all willy-nilly, you'll suddenly have a way to display them with style. You'll get even more bang for your budget buck because this bookshelf doubles as a room divider. Say, whaaaat?

    Gray bookshelf against wooden wall in room; holds books and other decor

    14. An entryway console table that'll augment the look of your foyer for less than a hundo. What's more, it can double as a desk, so you can have your mini office space, too. Showcase your fave baubles on the wooden top, and stash away your laptop, books, and rogue papers in style.

    Table with white bottom and wooden top in entryway; adorned with decor, books, and organizational boxes

    15. A terra-cotta vase to give your space some Mediterranean panache for a bargain. Fill it with colorful flowers and greenery to really set things off.

    16. A patio armchair (or several), so you can finally say, "Deuces!" to those flimsy fold-out chairs from your #dormlife days. Give guests a literal seat at the table in these colorful, rust-, water-, and fade-resistant chairs, and the whole crew can get down with a little alfresco dinner and drinks action.

    Mint, pink, and black-colored chairs on back patio; a stone wall, plants, and a mini record player are nearby

    17. A stainless steel electric kettle that'll not only jazz up your countertop but will also provide the hot water you need for all your favorite drinks — chai, matcha, coffee, or tea. And for the easily distracted among us (*slowly raises hand*), there's this nifty thing called "boil-dry protection" that'll automatically shut off the kettle when the water boils out because you forgot you turned it on in the first place when you went to send another email "real quick."

    Kettle on marble countertop next to floral mug and small potted plant

    18. A black-and-white striped table runner with decorative tassels and a wave-like pattern because you're planning ahead for hosting the holidays this year. Just lay this across the top of your dining table and voilà — instant refinement!

    the knitted black and white runner on a wooden table with a bowl of kiwano fruit on top

    19. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper that looks like reclaimed wood because you may be into shabby-chic, but you are not into ~actually~ reclaiming real wood and then washing, sawing, and sanding it. (Your DIY-ing has limits you know better than to cross.) Simply remove the adhesive backing and affix to your wall — your space will look like the end of a Hometown episode in no time.

    Wallpaper in entryway with storage shelving, boots, and a potted plant

    20. An acrylic gold clock that makes telling time feel fancy-schmancy with its etched clockface and brass dial. Boost the tone of any room just by placing this piece on a nightstand, end table, or mantel — it's battery-operated, so it can go anywhere you want.

    the clock on a stack of books on a desk

    21. A round sun-themed bath rug that gives "sun's out, buns out" a whole new meaning LOLz. Whether you're just stepping out of the shower or putting on makeup in front of the mirror, this rug ~with all-around fringed detailing~ will give your feet a soft, stylish place to stand.

    22. A flower wall-mounted shelf for a whimsical way to display tiny plants, kids' toys, books, figurines, photos and artwork. Not just for a little's room, this shelf looks fire in any space. And since it comes with its own hanging hardware, installation is a breeze.

    Shelf mounted on wall in child's bedroom

    23. A fringed table lamp because glam hanging threads aren't just for your fashion closet. And unlike those wearable pieces, this decorative accent won't cost hella coins. Bonus: It includes an eco-friendly LED bulb right out the box!

    Lamp placed on white table next to a book and vase of flowers, against dark blue wall backdrop

    24. An essential oil diffuser with a face that'll lift the mood of any room using aromatherapy. The calm look of the cute, golden face beckons you to take a beat for just a few minutes (or 60+). This little beaut can run for five hours before it needs to be refilled and you can choose from several diffusion settings, and if need be, switch to the included A/C adapter.

    Golden diffuser on top of wooden table

    25. A modern-style vase for a distinctive way to display the (neverending) iris blooms from your garden. No garden to speak of? (Same.) These stunners make a statement all on their own!

    the black rectangular vase against a tiled backsplash

    26. An arched throw blanket ladder made of acacia wood, so you don't have to hide away all those handmade quilts from grandma way up on a closet shelf. Standing 6 feet tall with five rungs and a wall attachment for stability, this storage-and-display solution turns blankets into legit art pieces.

    Decorative ladder leaned against white bedroom wall on top of hardwood floor

    27. A boho-inspired quilt set that's reversible, so you can turn the bold factor up or down as it suits you. One side boasts a mix of bright turquoise, pink, yellow, and green, while the other rocks a low-key, complementary orange and navy blue pattern. Made of 100% cotton, this quilt set also includes two pillow shams to complete the look.

    Multicolored quilt set on bed in bedroom

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