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    20 Words That Have A Completely Different Meaning On Gay Twitter

    Imagine gay twitter like the sister of black twitter — both from the House of Beyoncé.

    1. "Gay"

    2. Fandoms

    “Hermione. Your swish and flick made us go Wingardium LeviOH SHE DID THAT and you put the “ho” in Alohomora. Condragulations, you are the winner of this week’s challenge.”

    Other People: A community of people who love a series, show, book, etc. that sometimes directly compete with each other.

    Gay Twitter: Hermione voguing the house down AND a Mario remix? TRIPLE TOOT

    3. Crossovers

    Them: Marvel Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover ever" Me:

    Other People: A special episode, movie, snippet, etc. where people from different parts of the same character universe meet.

    Gay Twitter: legends supporting legends

    4. "You OK?"

    guys in the UK will say "you ok" as a means of saying "what's up" and every time they say it to me I'm like

    Other People: A greeting in the UK

    Gay Twitter: "I just have a lot of feelings"

    5. Lexicon

    Stan Twitter Vocab Words: Bop Cancelled Coming Flop Go off ig It’s what she deserves Legend Over Outsold Queen Shaking Skinny Stay pressed Tea We stan Wig

    Other People: A group of words that are particular to a certain group or region.

    Gay Twitter: oh honey, lexicon, honey? start studying me because i'm lexICONIC, hooooneeeey.

    6. Historical Figures

    Which Italian actually deserves their own national holiday? Christopher Columbus 0% Ariana Grande 100% 10,472,867 votes • 0 hours left

    Other People: Someone who did something important in history.

    Gay Twitter: your fav could never

    7. Gods

    Other people: Other worldly beings who had great power, strength, knowledge etc. who can affect nature and the lives of people.

    Gay Twitter: ... see above

    8. Taste

    When your friends haven't listened to Carly Rae Jepsen yet.

    Other people: Being aware of and enjoying what is considered sophisticated, trending, or covered.

    Gay Twitter: issa bop

    9. Album

    Other people: A collection of songs carefully curated by musicians.


    10. Sexual Orientation

    I’m ⚪ Gay ⚪ Straight ⚪ Bisexual 🔘 a diva (hey), I'm a, I'm a-a diva (hey) I'm a, I'm a-a diva (hey), I'm a, I'm a-a diva I'm a, I'm a-a diva (hey), I'm a, I'm a a diva I'm a, I'm a a diva (hey), I'm a, I'm a a di...

    Other people: How one identifies with whom they like to go to bed with.

    Gay Twitter: "I am Beyoncé, always"

    11. Absent-minded

    dear parents, just because your child is smiling at their phone doesn't mean they have a boyfriend / girlfriend. maybe they're just looking at a low quality gif of ariana grande saying “and what about it?”

    Other people: When a person is not paying attention due to some distraction or day-dream.

    Gay Twitter: absent-boyfriend/girlfriend/partner

    12. Zodiac Sign

    I saw someone on facebook suggest throwing a zodiac reveal party for a baby instead of a gender reveal party & I’m so here for it. Imagine walking into a celebration greeted by a gigantic banner reading “IT’S A VIRGO”

    Other people: The astrological practice of assigning your birth date, time, and place to one of the main twelve constellations.

    Gay Twitter: I identify as a Sun Libra, Moon Leo, Rising Leo

    13. Anxiety

    everyone who sobbed watching The Land Before Time as a child grew up to be an anxious queer adult

    Other people: An experience of impending doom that usually manifests in a physical way.

    Gay Twitter: i feel personally attacked

    14. A Tweet

    congratulations to anyone who has ever thought before tweeting

    Other people: A coherent thought in less than 280 characters for your coworkers, friends, and family to stay updated on your life.

    Gay Twitter: ;a;lskdjflkdjf

    15. Life Goals

    Bitch... I have a muthafucking sassy ass Drag Race GIF. Look at me all SHOCKED and SCANDALIZED. My life is made. I am officially a gay with a legacy. I will live forever. I am immortal.

    Other people: Achieving a certain pinnacle of success whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual.


    16. Grammar

    cis people: "they/them pronouns make no sense, it's improper grammar" also cis people: "a transgender"

    Other people: A set of rules around written communication that help us convey meaning effectively.

    Gay Twitter: I go by ae / aer / aers and ur gonna learn how to use it, sweetie.

    17. Driving

    this is how gays drive

    Other people: The act of successfully operating a vehicle to get from one point to another.

    Gay Twitter: "I don't know her"

    18. Thworp

    View this video on YouTube

    Other people: 404 NOT FOUND

    Gay Twitter: yas honey thworp the house down boots honey

    19. Music

    My delusional ass rejecting a man that never even wanted me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Other people: A composition of notes, usually accompanied with lyrics.

    Gay Twitter: an opportunity to show you what you lost, sweatie

    20. Family

    🏳️‍🌈 happy pride month, 🅱️🅱️s‼️🏳️‍🌈

    Other people: A social grouping of people who are related to each other by an ancestral relationship.

    Gay Twitter: anyone on at 2 a.m. when we're having an emotional breakdown

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