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20 Times Your Parents Embarrassed You In High School

Mom, please stop talking.

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1. When they volunteered to chaperone the school dance. And then danced.


2. When they walked into your dressing room at the mall.

3. When they talked to your crush.

4. When they discussed the details of your puberty with literally everyone.

5. When they gave you a kiss before dropping you off at school.

6. When they got way too into your sporting events.


7. When they showed up outside of your classroom to drop off your lunch.

8. When they decided to host the prom after party.

9. When they fussed over who you were dating.

10. When they gave you "the talk."


11. When they insisted on making bad jokes when a sex scene came on TV.

12. When they called your friends to find out where you were because you were ten minutes late getting home.

13. When they wore questionable outfits in public.

14. When they yelled at one of your friends.

15. When they tried to be the "cool mom."

16. Or the "cool dad."

17. When they called your friend a bad influence. In front of your friend.


18. When they had a few too many drinks and proceeded to do just about anything around you.

19. When they took pictures of you constantly.

20. And worst of all, when they spoke (or generally made any noise at all).

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