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The 23 Stages Of Playing Bar Trivia

Only losers say the points don't matter.

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1. Super sweet! We're going to bar trivia!

2. "My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't"...That's a team name for winners.

3. I'm gonna have a warm up beer.

4. Okay, first question: What's the only Central American country without Pacific coastline?

5. Belize, bitches! Write it down!

6. Guys, we crushed the first round. That $35 bar credit is all ours.

7. Question seven: Who sang the 2007 song "Low"?

8. Guys, I'm like 95% sure it's Lil Jon.

9. Hold on, it was Flo Rida? I'm so filled with self-doubt right now.

10. Whatever. Time to bounce back. This British band released its first album in 1969 and has since released fifteen studio albums.

11. Genesis?!?! Is that even a thing? There's no way anyone got that.

12. Oh...Except that annoying table next to us. Obviously. / Via

13. Jesus, I need a beer.

14. Third round. Why are these questions suddenly so hard?

15. Next question in chemistry...

16. Waitress! Beer me knowledge!

17. Hey, I saw that guy over there take out his phone for thirty seconds. He's clearly cheating.

18. Ugh. Last question. Who won an Academy Award in 1975 for Best Film Editing?

19. OMG I'm so over this.

20. Final scores: In last place "My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't." I'm so humiliated.

21. Well of course they won. They've got, like, 8 old people on their team.

22. Finally, the check is here. Wait, I spent $75 on Guinness and mozzarella sticks? And I'm drunk on a Wednesday?

23. Ugh. Whatever. Next time, guys.

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