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30 Awful Things About Riding Public Transportation Every Day

Oh, you wanted to be on time today?

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1. Getting to second base with the stranger next to you during every commute.

2. Having people tell you "at least you can get a lot of reading done."

3. Never getting a seat during rush hour.

4. Running into someone you know and feeling obligated to make small talk the rest of the ride home.

5. Pick pockets.

6. That wet dog smell every time it rains.

7. People who never ride the train complaining loudly about how terrible it is to ride the train.

8. Loud headphone listeners.

9. Sitting next to the person reading 50 Shades of Grey.

10. Depressing animal cruelty ads.

11. Loud phone talkers.

12. Spilling coffee on yourself literally every day.

13. That guy eating the egg sandwich.

14. Rushing past someone to make a train only to end up standing next to them when the train fails to show up on time.

15. Talkative strangers.

16. That girl who leans on the pole. That's where my hand goes.

17. Listening to your friends who walk, bike or drive complain about how much it sucks to walk, bike or drive.

18. Large bags. Yours or others.

19. Fighting over the last seat.

20. Commuting on any train or bus that frequently carries tourists.

21. Lack of heat, too much AC.

22. Lack of AC, too much heat.

23. Being on a disabled train.

24. Having to give up your seat because the perfectly able-bodied person in the handicap seat won't get up.

25. Couples.

26. Accidentally ending up on the drunk train.

27. Countdown clocks that don't work.

28. Proselytizing.

29. People who stand in front of the door when it opens.

30. "We'll be standing by for 5 minutes." "We're experiencing delays due to traffic." "This train is being taken out of service."

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