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25 Reasons Why Driving A Junker Car Is Awesome

Your car is only as old as 150,000 miles looks, smells, feels, and sounds.

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1. You and your dad always have something to talk about.

2. You never worry about parking.

3. Minor dents and fender benders are not really an issue.

4. In fact, you start to think that damage might be an improvement.

5. When people see how crappy your car is, they know you've got nothing to lose and stop cutting you off on the freeway.

6. Your insurance is really cheap.

7. So is your excise tax.

8. What car payments?

9. If you've had the car long enough, you know everything wrong with it.

10. You stopped freaking out about every noise and shutter a long time ago.

11. No one ever asks to borrow your car because they're afraid to drive it.

12. You don't particularly worry about driving in inclement weather

13. Or doing something stupid to the car.

14. Or forgetting to change the oil for two and a half years.

15. Or losing your car to an "act of God."

16. Car problems just don't scare you anymore.

17. Because you have an old car, you will meet all sorts of people. For instance, you'll form a deep emotional attachment with your mechanic.

18. You'll have a favorite junk yard.

19. You'll build a directory of friends who are knowledgeable about cars.

20. And people will want to hang out with you because you're okay transporting large dogs, wet children, and hundreds of pounds of Ikea furniture.

21. You'll learn all sorts about basic car maintenance.

22. You'll discover that you can get away with only washing your car twice a year.

23. You'll become a resource when it comes to car repair costs.

24. And you stop feeling weird having entire conversations with your car because you know that sometimes she just needs a little encouragement.

25. Moral of the story: stop complaining about your old car. It's actually your best friend for life.

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