21 Signs You Wear Too Much Makeup

You have to hide your alien face somehow.

1. You never rub your eyes because this:

2. You have different shades of foundation for each season.

3. You’ve tried contouring. With mixed results.

4. People have called your makeup “clowny”

5. You don’t recognize yourself when you’re not wearing makeup.

6. You’ve given up trying to organize your makeup collection.

7. All your clothing looks like this:

8. Sometimes all that eyeliner makes you look like you got punched in the face.

9. You argue that Mimi was just trying to express herself.

10. You don’t get why the “smoky eye” look is difficult for people.

11. If you forget to wash your face after a night of drinking, your pillows look like this:

12. You’re constantly trying to hide those under eye bags.

13. You like to rock the night look during the day.

14. You wear neon eye shadow. And not just to da club.

15. You have literally hundreds of makeup inspiration boards on Pinterest.

Via Pinterest

16. You’re desperately afraid of crying with your face on.

17. You put on makeup before you go to the gym.

18. You can completely change your skin tone with pressed powder.

19. Your makeup routine takes so long, most days you don’t finish it before you need to leave the house.

20. Your phone is always covered in greasy makeup.

21. Without makeup you don’t feel human.

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