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    13 "Adventure Time" Quotes To Get You Through A Rough Day

    It's not a party without inspirational quotes.

    Some days you wake up feeling awful.

    Your job sucks.

    Your friends suck.

    And the entire world is basically the worst.

    1. It's time to ditch your sweatpants and get out of your funk!

    2. Try to remember that things aren’t as bad as they might seem.

    3. Even thought you feel alone, people out there like you.

    4. In fact, they might like you a lot.

    5. They also probably think you're pretty smart.

    6. Let's not even discuss your parents, who think you're the best thing to ever happened to the world.

    7. Be proud of how awesome you are.

    8. Because self-confidence is sexy!

    9. Stop worrying over the stupid stuff you did in the past.

    10. Don't let your failures define you.

    11. As long as you're still trying, you're doing just fine.

    12. After all...

    13. Feel better?