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Three Ways Liberal Millennials Are Literally Murdering The American Dream In Cold Blood

If there’s one thing that’s plain about the millennial generation, it’s that they’re subjectively the worst generation we’ve ever had to share a planet with. Lacking the modesty of The Great Generation, the open-mindedness of the baby boomers, the responsibility of the Gen-Xers, and the irrelevancy of generation Y, these young adults are really dragging our entire population down. They’re like a vast unnecessary debt to several foreign countries crippling our economy, tragic, easily blamed, and with consequences that are as far-reaching as they are incalculable.

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1.Shaming The Descendants of America's Hardest Working Immigrants

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Millennials bigotry is really obvious in their derision of one of the United States of America's most time honored traditions: Letting the old immigrants hate, and disadvantage the new immigrants.

Since the great old days of late 1800's descendants of immigrants have delighted in protesting the immigration of any other group that tries to move to the U.S.A. For example, in the late 1800's Irish-Catholics were stereotyped, and discriminated against at every opportunity in an effort to curtail the rush of immigrants escaping to america from the fallout of the Irish potato famine. Sure it was rough for them then, but a few years later Annie came out, and now Irish-Catholics are just as much a part of the american family as the Protestant immigrants who came before them. Chinese immigrants were given similar treatment during the railroad boom. Their willingness to accept discrimination, and starvation wages in exchange for an unstoppable work ethic became the backbone of some key aspects of the industrial revolution.

These immigrants all payed their dues to get into the greatest, kindest, nation on earth. When these poor souls reached out to Lady Liberty for help she said "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, and I will pay them slave wages, while doing my best to kick them out or imprison them, in order to build the economy".

That's just what america is all about, and unfortunately, as mexican and middle eastern immigrants flee from their unstable home countries, Millennials just don't agree.

2.Destroying Our Idyllic Capitalist Utopia One Thrifty Buy At A Time

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Put simply, millennials are killing the scam industry. Due to some unholy combination of corporate disillusionment, and a shameful habit of working for starvation wages, millennials are not paying their due to the hardworking scam industries that have made this country what it is today. For generations these captains of industry have lied, cheated, stolen, set up sweatshops, and funded wars in underdeveloped countries to build the companies that we’ve all come to know, and worship. What could possibly be driving millenials to try, and put them out of a job?

Some of the industries these youngsters are putting to the blade include




Seeing as these businesses are the backbone of the economy of the middle class it seems almost impossible how millennials are getting by without these necessities.

To get to the bottom of this mystery, we questioned Harvard grad millennial, and H.E.B. grocery bagger Oliver R. Wells on the subject.

After shaking Oliver from his sleep deprived daze we asked Oliver why he, and other millenials like him weren't buying diamonds, golf clubs, or vacations to Disney Land. After blinking his bloodshot, bagged eyes in utter disbelief, Oliver began to uncontrollably laugh for an uninterrupted period of about fifteen minutes before muttering something about his lunch break being over, and having to get back to his third job, and wandering off.

Undeterred by this mystifying response, our in-house economists delved deeper to figure out what millennials were spending their money on.

What was found was that Millenials are spending a sizable portion of their general income on charity of some form or another.

In retrospect it should've been obvious that of all the selfish uses for money Millennials would choose to waste it on a group of people that do nothing but hurt the economy, and provide nothing of real value, instead of supporting the hardworking individuals providing U.S. citizens with the necessities of life: Diamonds, Drivers, and Disneyland.

3. Over-eager Political Activism / Via

The final way that Millennials are contributing to a complete collapse of american society, is that they're incredibly reactionary. Millennials tend to have HUGE reactions to incredibly minor social 'infractions'.

For example, after calling for a hitler-esque ethnic-cleansing in the United States, Richard Spencer had a devastating right hook landed on him by a young protester in the area. What these millennials don't understand is, even if you don't agree with them, you have to let violent racist fascists promote their personal beliefs to thousands of willing ears. We understand it's always a struggle to be nice to people you have little disagreements with, but it's important that there be no consequences for calling for the genocide of millions of Americans in order to protect free speech.

Millennials, next time you see an influential political figure promoting fascist doctrine, let them speak! What's the worst that could happen?

Millenials overreaction doesn't end there though. Plenty of this violent overreaction takes the form of classic playground name-calling. Nowadays you see plenty of young thirdwave feminists, or feminazi's as it were, throwing around labels such as 'racist' or 'nazi' at the drop of a hat! Even at the most local level this obsession with name calling persists. For example, when students in Cypress Ranch Highschool made a traditional nazi salute while shouting 'Hail Trump' during a school photograph, many students hastily compared these students showing pride in their president to actual nazi's!

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