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    The Duke Of Hastings Is Really Just Chuck Bass In The 1800s

    If you have a thing for brooding bad boys on TV, this one is for you.

    I've grown very fond of Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings — a main character of Bridgerton with fuckboy antics.

    Simon Basset smizing

    In fact, I know them all too well. *Chuck Bass has entered the chat.*

    Chuck Bass on the phone in his car
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    If there is anything that I've learned, it's that fuckboys have been around no matter the time period. Sure, they both have that element of charm and good looks going for them, but I know toxic behavior when I see it.

    Now that I've had an ample amount of time to rewatch Bridgerton as much as I've rewatched all six seasons of Gossip Girl, here is why I think the Duke of Hastings walked in 1813 so that Chuck Bass could run in the 21st century.

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    Here are five reasons why they're the same:

    1. They're natural-born leaders.

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    One a leader of an entire town, the other building a New York empire...with an huge sum of money in his name, of course. Both Chuck and the Duke asserted their dominance in their very first episodes and hold pretty much all of the power.

    Yes, I, too was purchasing New York hotels at a ripe age of 18 years old.

    2. They both have horrible relationships with their fathers.

    The CW

    Unfortunately, the lack of compassion from Chuck and Simon's fathers lead to their "bad boy", reckless, detached persona. Literally let us not forget when Bart Bass tried to have his own son killed.

    The Duke of Hastings from "Bridgerton" and his father, Lord Hastings holding him as a baby
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    Or when Lord Hastings practically disowned his own son and wanted nothing to do with him his entire life.

    3. They both suffer from only child syndrome.

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    Despite getting everything but undivided attention from their fathers, these two couldn't have bigger egos and be more spoiled with riches and power. Somehow Chuck's infamous one-liner, "I'm Chuck Bass," got him through most situations, and the Duke was the most sought after man despite his extremely cold demeanor.

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    *still swoons*

    4. Their inability to contribute to a loving relationship.

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    Both of these young men had two stunning ladies who would risk it all for them, and yet they failed miserably at showing up when they needed to. Obviously, if you've finished both series you know that it gets better, but we definitely can't look passed Chuck's constant cat and mouse game he played with Blair, and the Duke prioritizing avenging his father over getting the chance to be one with the love of his life.

    Netflix / Twitter: @_melissamason_

    Currently pouring one out for every girl who has ever been fed this line.

    5. They both have top-tier "mother"-like figures to keep them in check.

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    Behind every "strong" man, is an even stronger woman who made him that way. The Duke of Hastings and Chuck Bass would be nothing without Lady Danbury and Lily van der Woodsen being a watchful eye and a loving figure when no one else could be. / Via

    May we all hope to have a Lady Danbury and Lily van der Woodsen in our life, or strive to be them.

    What do you think about the similarities between Simon and Chuck? Let us know in the comments!