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20 Songs From Black Indie Artists You Should Add To Your Playlist

Supporting rising Black artists always and forever.

Black artists are often viewed as the exception to the indie genre, while most indie music has roots in historically Black music. So to elevate the voices of up-and-coming artists, here are some songs by Black indie musicians to add to your music library:

1. "Want U Back" by Spencer

The perfect "in my feels" slow jam.

2. "Call My Parents" by Jany Green

Because we can never have enough feel-good songs in our arsenal!

3. "Love, or the Lack Thereof" by Isaac Dunbar

Who knew such vocals could come out of a 17-year-old?! We could all benefit from having more Isaac Dunbar on our playlists.

4. "Pretty Boy" by Morgan Reese

I've got to thank endless scrolling on TikTok for finding this song. It's safe to say it's been on heavy rotation!

5. "Sea Sick" by Binki

A dance-rap tune that's a perfect play for just about any moment!

6. "Eugene" by Arlo Parks

It was hard to pare it down to just one song by Arlo Parks, but any song by her that you land on is never a bad choice.

7. "Slowly" by Odie

A short and smooth mix that you'll never get tired of.

8. "LăVĭNDŭR" by Kamauu

Kamauu has the kind of voice you can't help but get lost in.

9. "Wikipedia" by Jean Deaux

For all my R&B and rap fans, Jean Deaux is the artist for you.

10. "Deep Brown Eyes" by Bedside Kites

This is my "staring longingly out the window while on a road trip" tune.

11. "Athena" by Nova Twins

I absolutely love to see rock diversifying with this rock girl duo!

12. "One Star Rating" by Elah Hale

Elah Hales' EP, "Room 206," is just *chefs kiss*.

13. "Below" by Tora

You'll never have an artist sing exactly what you're thinking until you listen to Tora.

14. "Pass the Hours" by MorMor

If you're looking for more chill music to play during the day, MorMor does not disappoint.

15. "Mango" by Sam Truth

If you're a big Frank Ocean or Odd Future fan, you've definitely got to give Sam Truth a listen!

16. "Stella Brown" by Jelani Aryeh

I love a song that makes me feel nostalgic and makes me think of my favorite summer, and "Stella Brown" does exactly that!

17. "Antidote" by Orion Sun

There's something about playing this song at the golden hour in the comfort of your own space that creates the perfect moment of escapism and happiness — it can't be topped.

18. "Sunrise" by Kenny Elrod

A tune that'll put you in the best mood!

19. "Mellow" by Precious

Can't go wrong listening to this catchy pop song.

20. "Home Again" by Michael Kiwanuka

A soulful artist whose voice is hard to resist.

Which Black musicians do you listen to on repeat? Let me know some of your favorite artists to add to my daily mix!

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