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    The 18 Best Songs From The "To All The Boys" Movies You Need On Your Playlist

    This playlist Is Lara Jean Covey–approved.

    We may never have the chance to date Lara Jean Covey or Peter Kavinsky in real life, but thanks to the incredible scoring of the three To All the Boys movies, we can at least imagine living in a world of handwritten love letters and cute diner dates.

    Now that we've all had time to rewatch all three movies, I've decided to narrow down the songs that will forever make you feel the Covey-Kavinsky spark, or feel as if you're the main character of your own romantic comedy.

    From To All the Boys: Always and Forever

    1. "Affection" by Lady Bri

    Oh, to be in high school accepting a promposal to this song. This is the perfect track to play when you're in need of something upbeat!

    2. "Eat Them Apples" by Suzi Wu

    Mentally, I'm strutting down the streets of New York City with this song playing in my head.

    3. "Beginning Middle End" by the Greeting Committee

    Who can forget the moment Lara Jean realized that this was her and Peter's song? If you love this version, be sure to check out the original by Leah Nobel.

    4. "Run for Your Money" by the Greeting Committee

    The kind of song that'll make you feel like the main character of your own movie, running around New York late at night with your best friends.

    5. "Dancing in the Moonlight" by Toploader

    A rom-com classic. Anyone else remember this song in A Walk to Remember?

    6. "In My Head" by Peter Manos

    If you're looking for a slower tune for when you're in your feelings, this is definitely the one to add to your library.

    From To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

    7. "About Love" by Marina

    The kind of tune that you don't hate being stuck in your head.

    8. "Age of Consent" by Cayetana

    Filed under "Songs to Play While Dancing Around My Room."

    9. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Charlotte Lawrence, Nina Nesbitt, and Sasha Sloan

    No matter who covers this classic song, it just never gets old.

    10. "Moral of the Story" by Ashe

    There has never been a more "main character" movie moment than when Lara Jean lip-synchs the words to this song in the middle of her high school hallway.

    11. "Kill This Love" by Blackpink

    If you didn't have any K-pop tracks in your heavy rotation before, now you do.

    12. "Lift Me From the Ground" by San Holo

    Maybe if I play this song enough, I'll get to go on a cute lantern-festival date.

    From To All the Boys I've Loved Before

    13. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears

    An oldie that never fails to put me in the best mood. L.J.'s relationship with Peter is as adorable as the one she has with her dad, and watching her being introduced to this song in their local diner never fails to make me smile (and tear up a little).

    14. "Lovers" by Anna of the North

    The hot tub scene is forever etched in my brain thanks to this song.

    15. "I Like Me Better" by Lauv

    If I can pick one song that reminds me of Lara Jean and Peter, it is, without a doubt, this one.

    16. "Beautiful" by Viigo

    The beginning of the L.J.-Peter "fake-but-real" relationship truly started with the first party scene and this song playing in the background. Peter tells her that she looks pretty, and my simp heart *swoons*.

    17. "You're Not Good Enough" by Blood Orange

    I'd like to imagine that this is the song Lara Jean is playing in her head when she spots Gen with Peter in the cafeteria.

    18. "Chinatown" by Wild Nothing

    Right when Lara Jean bumps into Gen in the hallway is when I grabbed my phone so fast to Shazam the song playing in the background.

    Which songs do you love from the TATB soundtracks? Let us know in the comments!