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13 Times Regina Mills Was The Best Of All Time In The History Of Ever

In honor of the return of Once Upon a Time and our favorite Evil Queen, I give you 13 times Regina Mills was rolling like a BAMF.

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1. The time Emma was fracking off and she was SOOOO over it.

2. The time she told Snow White off straight to her face.

3. The time somebody obviously said something that disgusted her so much she had to make this face.

4. The time she took Ariel's voice and couldn't be asked to give even one single damn about it.

5. The time this guy tried to get in her delicious royal Kool-Aid and she had to set him straight.

6. The time people were upset with her over a little curse she cast, and she was gonna have to go medieval on their asses.

7. The time it got so for real she almost murdered somebody with this look.

8. The time she took charge and got what was her's. You go girl!

9. The time she gave up everything to keep her son safe. Proving, once again, that she's the best mom in the history of ever.

10. The time she made it very clear to someone their apology didn't mean diddly squat to her.

11. The time she couldn't even be bothered by this raging inferno behind her.

12. The time she delivered this bit of sass to her opponent and everyone was like "Quick call an ambulance because someone is gonna need a trip to the burn unit!".

13. Finally, the time we first laid eyes upon HRH, when she arrived to this wedding fashionably late, letting everyone know that her official title would henceforth be "Head Bitch in Charge".

Deal with it (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

14. Hope everyone enjoyed! Deuces!

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