"The Simpsons" Just Delayed This Year's "Treehouse Of Horror" Episode Until November

    Don't have a cow, man.

    The Simpsons took to Twitter to deliver some alarming news: 2020's "Treehouse of Horror" episode won't air until after October is over.

    Treehouse of Horror XXXI has been postponed until November 1.

    No, it isn't ideal, but it certainly isn't the first time this has happened.

    Dr. Hibbert addresses chimeras

    But this year it seems especially potent. And while it is only one day after Halloween, the Nov. 1st airdate just happens to be two days before the election.

    Trump in bed

    But there is oh so much more to "Treehouse of Horror" than just politics. Take a look, for example, at the latest image The Simpsons uploaded to Twitter:

    Homer drinking green goo

    The iconic family hasn't looked this 3D in quite some time. Perhaps this is a callback to perhaps the greatest "Treehouse of Horror" of all time: "Treehouse of Horror 6"?

    The Simpsons season 31 is currently airing on Disney+ and the 32nd season continues on Fox Sundays at 8pm.