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    The 26 Best "Muppet Show" Moments

    From Gonzo's first date with Camilla to Gilda Radner's visit to Muppet Labs, these are the most iconic Muppet Show moments.

    With Disney bringing all five seasons of The Muppet Show to its Disney+ streaming network, here is a look at the best Muppet Show moments to be watching for!

    The Muppet Show sign with Kermit the Frog standing inside the O

    1. Elton John sings "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" with Miss Piggy:

    2. Pearl Bailey in Camelot:

    Pearl Bailey watching the festivities with wonder

    3. Steve Martin plays "Dueling Banjos":

    4. Peter Sellers talks with Kermit:

    Peter Sellers wearing a Viking helmet and holding two muppet chickens

    5. Gilda Radner visits Muppet Labs:

    Budson Honeydew Introduces Gilda Radner

    6. The Animal and Harry Belafonte drum battle:

    7. Miss Piggy attacks Florence Henderson:

    Miss Piggy Attacks Florence Henderson as Kermit watches

    8. Kermit sings "Bein' Green":

    Kermit the Frog singing

    9. Floyd Pepper sings "New York State of Mind":

    Floyd Pepper sings while Zoot plays sax and Dr. Teeth plays piano

    10. Leslie Uggams and Big Bird sing "Love Will Keep Us Together":

    Leslie Uggams and Big Bird singing

    11. John Cleese on "Pigs in Space" as a pirate:

    Pirate John Cleese boards starship and threatens crew

    12. Statler and Waldorf roast Milton Berle:

    13. Pig Vikings perform "In the Navy":

    14. Carol Burnett's "Lonely Asparagus" sketch:

    15. Rowlf Sings "What a Wonderful World":

    Rowlf comforts a puppy

    16. Sam the Eagle meets Alice Cooper:

    17. Wonder Pig:

    18. Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, and R2-D2 replace Angus McGonagle:

    19. Renaissance-themed "Scarborough Fair" with Paul Simon:

    Scooter plays a lute as Paul Simon sings

    20. Jean Stapleton is "wild about Crazy Harry":

    Jean Stapleton serenades Crazy Harry

    21. Liza Minnelli and "Copacabana":

    22. Gonzo and Camilla's first date:

    Camilla listens to Gonzo serenade

    23. Fozzie Bear almost gets fired:

    Fozzie disappoints Kermit

    24. Vincent Price's House of Horrors

    Vincent Price and Uncle Deadly horrify Gonzo and Fozzie

    25. Lou Rawls Serenades Piggy

    Piggy smiles while Lou Rawls sings

    26. Julie Andrews Teaches Muppets to Yodel

    Julie Andrews sings with three chickens