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12 Things That Could Happen When Dayton Wins Tonight

Dayton vs. Stanford will be starting off the Sweet Sixteen games tonight at 7:15. Craziness will be starting at 9 when the Flyers win.

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1. Consume Large Amounts of Alcohol / Via Facebook

Likelihood: Definite

UD isn't famous for their four leaf clover picking on Saint Patty's Day - it is for the PBR & Natty empty beer cans that cover the streets. With the riot/mosh pit that occurred after the Syracuse game I think we can expect nothing less.

*note - above image from st pattys day riot 2013

2. Exceed the Occupancy Limit at Tim's / Via BroBible

Likelihood: Possibly if Tim's gets their shit together

After the fire department decided dear old Tim's had too many people in it Flyers have had to wait in lines. If Tim's is smart they will let everyone in and fast. Because who doesn't want to celebrate a Flyer win with some OTPHJs on the dance floor.

3. Sell Out of Domino's Pizzas / Via College Humor

Likelihood: Most Likely

With $5 medium pizzas and free delivery UD students are known for their late night pizzas. If they run out, Jimmy Johns is always a good second choice.

4. Crowd Surf a Brother / Via Fox Sports

Likelihood: Not Happening

After Dr. Dan made his crowd surfing debut it would be hard to be out done. But if one of the awesome Brothers did it, it would be legendary.

But can I just say - we have the coolest president that has ever existed...ever.

5. Skip All Classes on Friday / Via UD Problems

Likelihood: Hell Yeah

Flyers love their day drinking parties and any excuse to have one. And after the horrible hangovers that are going to come from tonight I foresee a lot of empty classrooms.

6. Community Bonding

Likelihood: Always

UD prides its on its amazing community and with the win Flyers - whether alumni or current - will be celebrating with their second family. From after work happy hour viewings to house parties it will be an amazing vibe.

12. Mass Chaos / Via Twiiter

Likelihood: We are UD

Whatever is going to happen tonight its going to be awesome because when you go/went to the greatest school in the world you can't expect any less & you won't be disappointed. (and I'm only a tad bit jealous I won't be there)

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