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    11 Comebacks To The Cleveland Job Bank Lady

    Because I'm like rubber...

    So if you've been on the internet today...


    you might have heard about the Cleveland, Ohio Job Bank woman who wrote a very rude response to one job seekers request to be apart of her Job Bank and LinkedIn Community.

    The letter has gone viral.


    And the women has deleted all of her social media accounts probably due to backlash.

    But everyone knows a good comeback is the best revenge.


    Besides karma but she sometimes takes her sweet time.

    1. The Immature Comeback


    But still mildly effective.

    2. The "I Hate You" Comeback


    Not effective but warms your heart a little bit.

    3. The Vulgar Comeback


    What would your mother say? Definitely to eat something more filling that's for sure.

    4. The Name Calling Comeback


    Buttwipe, dorkface, jerk. Any will do. All will make you feel better.

    5. The Slut Comeback


    She did you wrong, automatic whore status. Again not effective but the more clever it is the better you will feel.

    6. The "I'm Better Than This" Comeback


    50% effective. 100% made up

    7. The Impowered Comeback


    Sometimes its nice just to make yourself feel better.

    8. The "Your Words Hurt Me" Comeback


    aka cry. At least you will look prettier than Kim K.

    9. The "I Stole This From Twitter" Comeback

    Because internet rules.

    10. And if all else fails...


    yo momma jokes all around.

    11. And if that fails...


    Have the screenshot of the email go viral and have many media outlets and force her into hiding.

    Yup, this is definitely the one.

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