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How To Make College Theme Parties Into Adult Parties

Re-live your glory days without looking too desperate.

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1. Jarty

Make a Justin and Britney reference in the invite so it seems like an ode to the icons and not like a sweaty frat basement filled with jean jackets and cut-offs. You still seem fun, hip and on trend without looking like you're trying to be 19.

2. Aspen in the 80's

While kids wear 80's inspired ski onsies and chug fireball, you were born in the 80's. That's okay! You're an adult with an income. Therefore, you can host your party in Aspen! Just $849 a night for a condo!!!!!!

3. Kentucky Derby

Instead of wearing all your preppy clothes and blacking out at noon, you can ATTEND the Kentucky Derby and have an upscale outing betting on horses while being in a place that is known for large amounts of human trafficking.

4. Around the World

In college this means you go from frat bedroom to frat bedroom having drinks from different countries. For example, yellow tail wine for France. Thank goodness for accuracy. But as an adult, you can travel the world with all the excess money you definitely have. On top of that, you can drink excessively in every country.

6. Honestly, just have a classy wine party and forget the theme.

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