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15 Endearingly Lovely Things

In 1002, Sei Shonagon wrote The Pillow Book, full of amazing lists that will make you go "same, tho."

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2. A sparrow coming fluttering down to the nest when her babies are cheeping for her.

Off for another try at the lark sparrow. I"m bringing bird seed this time . #birding #torontobirds #desperate #sparrow #birds

3. A little child of two or three is crawling rapidly along when his keen eye suddenly notices some tiny worthless thing lying nearby. He picks it up in his pretty little fingers, and shows it to the adults, this is very endearing to see.

7. Things children use in doll play.

Why do people hate Babushka Dolls? Because they are so full of themselves.. šŸ„#illbehereallā€¦

10. A very white, plump child of around two, who comes crawling out wearing a lavender gauze robe with the sleeves hitched back, or a child walking about in a short robe that looks more long sleeves than robe. All these are endearing.

11. And it's very endearing when a boy of eight or ten reads something aloud in his childish voice.

George W Bush was so funny. "You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test."

12. It's also enchanting to see a pretty little white chick, it's lanky legs looking like legs peeking out from under a short robe, cheeping loudly as it runs and pauses here and there around someone's feet.

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