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Top 5 Things They Don't Tell You About Baby's Starting Solids

Here's the solid truth. Pun intended.

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1. Rice cereal does not in fact look like rice. Or cereal

Nicole Domitro // Anchored by Hope

It actually looks more like fish food until you mix in the BM or Formula. Let's just call it what it is. It's weird.

2. More gets on their face than in their actual mouth.

Nicole Domitro // Anchored by Hope

Gather up a plethora of napkins/paper towels or layer on the bibs. For those of you without my OCD, you may be fine with just letting it be. Whatever you choose, get ready, there's no stopping it.

3. You find yourself making the most ridiculous noises.

Via Twitter: @JistNews

We have all seen the "choo choo train", or "airplane" acted out. As a matter of fact, it does not matter what vehicle you choose to imitate; any ridiculous hum, buzz, or screech will suffice in ensuring they open wide. // This dad gets what I'm sayin.

4. Because the cereal tastes like poop and they think anything tastes better, they will attempt to put their hands in mouth THE ENTIRE TIME.


At least my son does :insert eye roll:. Whether he is putting his fists in his mouth or pulling the bib into the abyss, I am convinced it is because it tastes bad.

5. You will do just about anything to help them eat.

Nicole Domitro // Anchored by Hope

The first day we offered cereal to my son he refused (see second photo). So, the second day, my husband took one for the team and took a bite to assure our son it was not so bad. He got mad points because there is no amount of love that could make me do that. It is possible Andy was thinking the same thing.

6. In the end, there is this sense of pride. They did it. So did you.

Nicole Domitro // Anchored by Hope

And now your tiny little human is that much closer to growing up. Everyone says it goes by quick. I don't think any of us can truly appreciate that until you experience it. And it is pretty cool.

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