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    7 Best Moments From 'Are You Serious Girl' And Her Surprise Today Show Engagement

    Most people only heard the 10 "OMG" moments from 'Are You Serious Girl'- Ashley Yanover- during her heartwarming surprise engagement to her boyfriend Marlon LeWinter on NBC's Today Show. Here are the 7 best moments from the proposal that shocked America and brought tears to thousands of viewers' eyes.

    Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have been booming with comments about the surprise engagement on NBC's Today Show this Saturday.

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    Here are The 7 Best Moments from the amazing proposal:

    1. The moment Sheinelle Jones shot the camera a quick smirk

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    'Are You Serious Girl' may not have known why Marlon continued talking, but Today's anchor Shaneille Jones sure did... and she made sure to give America a promising smirk as she tip-toed out of the frame.

    2. The moment 'Are You Serious Girl' came to be

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    Before 'Are You Serious Girl' even said "OMG" for the first time, America heard her gut response to boyfriend Marlon LeWinter: "Are you serious!?".

    3. The moment her boyfriend forgot the ring

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    Okay... so maybe boyfriend Marlon LeWinter didn't quite forget the ring, but he sure couldn't get it out of his jeans pocket as he knelt down on one knee for the first time. The fitness buff simply created a new proposal move: the quad burner.

    4. The moment she said 'yes!'

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    Not only did Ashley Yanover respond with an undoubted 'yes!', but in this moment 'Are You Serious Girl' said 'OMG' for the first of 10 times on her 90 second National TV segment.

    5. The moment that they sealed it with a kiss

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    Facebook and Twitter boomed with comments from viewers regarding Marlon LeWinter's failure to put the ring on Ashley Yanover's finger... but let's be real people: 'Are You Serious Girl' was far too blinded by her love to even notice the gorgeous rock in her now fiancé's hand. And it was ADORABLE!

    6. The moment of pure shock

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    'Are You Serious Girl' was in pure shock from what had just happened. Producers ran in with champagne for the happy couple and Ashley Yanover was still completely oblivious to the fact that both families had flown in from Florida for the big surprise.

    7. The moment her family walked onto set

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    'Are You Serious Girl' finally realized that both sets of parents and siblings were right around the corner the whole time and they were all able to celebrate together. A great majority of the highly mentioned "OMG"s occurred in this moment.

    All jokes aside, this surprise engagement rivals all others of its kind.

    Though it may be full of hilarious moments, Marlon LeWinter's surprise engagement to 'Are You Serious Girl'- Ashley Yanover- went off without a hitch!

    Didn't catch it? Watch the full video below. Be sure to grab a few tissues. Everyone deserves the true love that these two have!

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