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19 Cats Who Are Flushed With Cash And Killing The Instagram Game

"The one purrcent. #blessed"

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The instagram account @cashcats has over 107K followers, and it's not hard to guess why. Even the captions are on point.

5. "Finna kill the game this year" / Via

6. "Addicted 2 this lifestyle"

7. "#cashcats make u feel some type of way"

8. "Tried to keep the peace. Now I keep the piece"

9. "Ima show u how 2 turn it up a notch"

10. "Can't leave naps alone the game need me"

11. "My love ain't free ❤️💵"

13. "U want the bacon u gotta go ham"

14. "U know i'm bout dat lyfe rite"

16. "No AC but the heater work"

17. "Now i'm gettin change kittehs lookin at me strange"
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