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Alligator Or Crocodile?

How well do you know the difference between alligator and crocodile leather? Take this quiz and see if you can decipher between the two!

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  1. Are you a gator fan?

    Nooo Way
  2. What type of leather is this ?

  3. Which is a true statement?

    When their mouth is shut, most of the alligators teeth show
    The neck of all the crocodilian reptiles has a number of small ‘horns’ or bumps
  4. This horn pattern belongs to?

  5. The visible pore is a trait of an alligator

  6. Can you identify the alligator leather?

    Trick question, they are all alligator
    First image
    Second image
    Third image
  7. Which Birkinbag was made with alligator?

    Left image, definitely
    Right image...I'm certain
  8. How amazing is this clutch?

    I have to have that now!
    Does this come in another color?
    Is there a handbag made in the orange? Wow!!

Alligator Or Crocodile?

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