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    • anastasiab13

      I’m from Texas and I moved to CT almost 4 years ago. I was there to experience all that crazy weather and survived it just fine. But to be completely honest, the first day I had summer band camp in CT… It was 75 degrees and people were complaining about about being hot (one girl actually passed out). Who passes out in 75 degree weather?
      In CT I’ve dealt with 2-3 weeks of no power on two separate occasions… Both times due to snow. In the south, it hardly ever snows so we don’t need to waste money on plows and tons of salt/sand. I know it seems stupid to y’all that we close schools down for snow, but again… We don’t have plows since it hardly snows. (FYI, I got out of school here in CT for snow all the time and you guys here in New England actually have the necessary equipment to get through snow storms.) Also, in Texas during tornado seasom, we get tornado warnings at least once a week (most of the time it’s more). A kid who went to the high school in my hometown was killed from a tornado and a lot of homes were destroyed. I went for a drive to see the damage the tornado had done and actually saw a few cars bent in half and wrapped around trees. Along with tornadoes comes huge balls of hail, both destroying everything in the vicinity. We don’t get as much rain as you guys here in New England do (it’s usually just a drizzle in the area I live in CT), but when it does rain in Texas… It’s pouring so much that it floods roads and causes parts of the road to break away occasionally. Also, the parts of Texas that are near the gulf of mexico recieves hurricanes quite a bit. In fact, the deadliest hurricane in US history made landfall in Galveston, TX… Killing 6,000-12,000 individuals.
      So yes, we do get sunny weather in Texas… But that doesn’t mean we don’t get really bad weather too.

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