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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Make A Weekend At Home Cozier

    Get ready to burrow with s'mores makers, fuzzy blankets, a ~portable~ electric fireplace, and more.

    1. A super-soft, perfectly oversized colorblock sweater that'll let you go from napping on the couch to walking your dog, without skipping a beat.

    The sweater

    2. A modern farmhouse-inspired lantern to fill your space with a warm, flickering glow. (Hot cocoa not included.)

    The lantern in three sizes

    3. A set of two corduroy throw pillows with a velvety soft texture that begs to be hugged. And, the removable covers are machine-washable.

    The pillows

    4. An electric s'mores maker so you can get down on chocolate-y, marshmallow-y, ooey-gooey goodness without having to wash the camp fire smell out of your hair.

    The s'mores maker

    5. A cuddly throw blanket with plush sherpa on both sides for serious snuggle sessions. And, oh yeah, get a couple. This baby will probably go "missing" fairly often.

    The blanket

    6. A set of two herringbone baskets with leather handles in a herringbone weave so you can stash your new pillows and throws in style.

    The baskets

    7. A "Home Sweet Home" Yankee Candle to fill the air with the warm, comforting smell of baking spices and crisp juniper berry without actually having to bake in the woods.

    The candle

    8. A geometric lumbar pillow with a handwoven removable cover in the softest neutrals for a pop of cozy texture on couches and beds.

    The pillow

    9. A hand-carved Himalayan salt lamp for an ethereal glow.

    The salt lamp

    10. A three-pack of super-soft socks in the prettiest colors so your tootsies can stay toasty.

    The fuzzy socks

    11. A cute, retro-inspired, portable electric fireplace with a leather handle so you don't have to stand in front of the radiator all night, again.

    The electric heater

    12. A herbal tea blend of chamomile, lavender, and tiny rosebuds that'll warm you up and fill the air with a delicate floral aroma.

    The tea

    13. A twinkling wall of hanging string lights, because sanctuaries don't have to be subdued.

    The lights hung in a room

    14. A pair of soft, heathered gray pajama pants made for lounging but tailored enough for trips to the mailbox.

    The pajama pants

    15. A velvet throw pillow with tassels by Drew Barrymore Flower Home for a sophisticated punch of color and irresistibly luxe texture. Just a head's up, your guests will pet it.

    The pillow

    16. A large rainfall showerhead for an uber-relaxing rinse that's pretty much the shower equivalent of a warm glass of milk.

    The showerhead

    17. A super-soft faux sheepskin fur you can casually drape over furniture for ultimate hygge vibes.

    The fur draped on a couch

    18. A Bodum pour-over coffee maker, because a trip to the coffee shop would require leaving your pizza dungeon, errr...I mean ~blanketed refuge~.

    The coffee maker

    19. A pair of suede moccasin slippers lined in soft plush because reality-binge bathroom breaks shouldn't be miserable. And, the slippers' streamlined shape means you won't look like you're wearing potatoes.

    The slipper

    20. A 12-piece nonstick, nontoxic ceramic cookware set with gorgeous gold hardware because those saved Tasty recipes aren't going to make themselves.

    The cookware set

    21. A set of six thick, ultra-plush towels because who doesn't want to dry off with a fluffy cloud?

    The set of towels

    22. A mini Instant Pot Duo because sweater weather demands quick, easy, and comforting mac 'n' cheese, chicken soup, ramen, tacos, tikka masala, baked ziti...

    The Instant Pot

    23. A seven-piece comforter set with sweet dots, luxe textures, and understated colors for a supremely cozy, pulled-together look. And, the Euro shams and throw pillows are included!

    The 7-piece comforter set

    24. A heated Shiatsu foot massager because life is stressful and you deserve it.

    The foot massager

    25. A plush cushioned bath mat for your daily game of "floor is lava" — except in this case, the floor is an Antarctic ice sheet.

    The bath mat

    26. An antique brass floor lamp with rattan shade by Drew Barrymore Flower Home for a subtle glow that's conducive to both a cuddle sesh and a Real Housewives binge.

    The lamp

    27. A curtain panel that'll filter light but not so much that you'll find yourself hissing at the sun come spring.

    The curtains

    28. A gorg Queer Eye textured gray linen armchair for curling up with a book (or phone, I don't judge).

    The chair

    29. A set of four generously sized, porcelain bowls because your takeout pho doesn't fit in any of the bowls that you currently own.

    The bowl

    30. A vintage-inspired tropical toile apron by Drew Barrymore Flower Home because you wouldn't want to get your jammies dirty.

    The apron

    31. A snuggly chenille throw because, let's be real, there's no such thing as too many blankets.

    The thow in three colors

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