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Top-Five Technologies Changing The Face Of Golf

Golf has changed. A new infusion of technology is taking the ancient game by storm, and that’s a good thing. Here are the top companies leading the uprising:

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1. Toptracer – Revolutionizing How We Practice

Topgolf has positively changed how the public views golf and is one of the major driving forces behind bringing new players to the game. Now, they are innovating again through Toptracer, a technology familiar to PGA Tour fans as the cool ball-tracking graphic used during TV broadcasts. By bringing this leading-edge tech to practice facilities worldwide through Toptracer Range, they are helping to turn standard driving ranges into practice and entertainment destinations. To learn more, visit

2. K-MOTION – Better Teaching Through Biofeedback

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Outside of the obvious, what do seven of Golf Digest’s top-10 golf instructors in America have in common? They use K-MOTION’s wireless motion learning products, such at K-VEST and K-PLAYER, to make their students move better to play better. The company’s patented technology allows instructors to instantly detect a student’s wasted movement, plan the precise drills to correct the movement and ensure the drills are done perfectly every time. To learn more, visit

3. GOLFTEC – World’s Top Destination for Lessons and Club Fitting

GOLFTEC teaches about 1 million lessons annually at nearly 200 centers around the world, with the average student dropping seven strokes. What’s the secret sauce? It’s the utilization of incredibly advanced technology that provides a fact-based approach, i.e. no more loosey goosey swing theories. Check out their “SwingTRU Motion Study” to see just how detailed these guys get. Not just an instruction provider, GOLFTEC offers one of the best club fitting programs anywhere, which helps match players to the perfect equipment. To learn more, visit

4. Arccos 360 + Caddie – Artificial Intelligence Comes to Golf

Arccos has been one of the top success stories in the industry since its debut in 2014. The newest 360 system contains 14 ultralight sensors that communicate with an app to record detailed stats. However, possibly the coolest breakthrough comes via their Caddie platform, which launched earlier this year and blew the collective minds of the golf industry. The company collaborated with Microsoft to create the first Artificial Intelligence platform in golf, which helps Arccos users identify the best strategy to play any hole in the world. This is only possible by leveraging the player’s performance history, live weather conditions and data on more than 75 million shots hit by the Arccos community. It also gives “Plays Like” GPS distances that account for wind and elevation change, so anyone can get the benefits of playing with a caddie! To learn more, visit

5. 18Birdies – The Swiss Army Knife of Apps

18Birdies is a mobile golf startup company, reimagining the world of golf through technology. The company’s mobile app leverages the power of gamification and social communities to make golf a more fun, exciting and connected experience. The app has several free features highlighted by a GPS/Rangefinder, digital scorecard, stats and round history and even some fun side games. 18Birdies users can also win prizes ranging from clubs and balls to once-in-a-lifetime golfing experiences, just for using the app! To learn more, visit

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