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Is This Athlete Hot Or Not?

Everyone is debating over her body, including J.K. Rowling and the New York Times.

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How can we expect girls to excel in sports if society tells successful athletes they are too strong or, as implied by a quote in the New York Times, they are less of a woman when they gain muscles ?

Serena Williams has a muscular frame. Her rivals choose not to emulate her physique


Similarly to what the press does with amazing actresses, the media is now turning a successful female athlete into a beauty pageant contestant, freely criticizing her "masculine" body. Meanwhile, I have not seen one article body-shaming a male tennis player for looking strong.

The online conversation is still about equality issues such as :

This is why soccer should be played on grass!

- Fifa testing the femininity of its players, making them play on artificial turf, and paying them 40 times less than their males counterparts

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And many more ! We are not lacking role models (I mean, look at this bad ass. She's the Queen), we are lacking decency. What girls (and, you know, everyone) needs is sexism to stop. And we should start by calling out Serena Williams' unfair media coverage. When people search "female athletes", they should see the conversation is about their performances and not if they're hot or not.


We should not stand silent in front of journalists who publish their opinions on women's physique. They seem to think there is a debate to have over our bodies. It is up to us to tell them that women do not play sports to satisfy the male gaze, exactly like JK Rowling did with this dude. Serena Williams is an exceptional tennis player. Let's talk about that. Exclusively.

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