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    Nastiest X-Factor Judge Ever?

    Musician and X-Factor NZ judge Natalia Kills absolutely rips into contestant who she believes ripped off her husbands look and NZ is not happy

    UPDATE 1:46pm: It has been confirmed that Natalia Kills and Willy Moon have now been fired from X-Factor effective immediately

    On Sunday 15th March 2015, X-Factor NZ held the first of their weekly live shows and judge Natalia Kills did not have a good night


    She criticised contestant Joe Irvine for copying her husband's look, explaining how disgusted she was of him for being a doppelganger from his hair to the suit but Joe stood there with a smile on his face while the crowd booed Natalia.

    She goes on saying "I'm embarrassed to be sitting here in your presence having to dignify that with an opinion"

    She exclaims he's a laughing stock and that it's cheesy and disgusting even though fellow judge Stan Walker can be heard in the background saying "Don't you copy Cleopatra?"

    Her husband and fellow judge, Kiwi musician Willy Moon added insult to injury saying that Joe looks like he's going to murder everyone and stitch their skin to his face


    And New Zealand fans and celebrities are taking to social media to broadcast their disgust

    And of course the internet has spawned many memes

    The TV3 Network who broadcast the show have been inundated with complaints causing them to respond

    A FaceBook page called "Fire Natalia Kills from X Factor NZ" has since been created, attracting just over 22,000 Likes in only a few hours and continue to grows

    But Natalia doesn't seem phased at all, posting this status on her Twitter account

    Watch her full tirade here

    View this video on YouTube
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