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Petition For DIPG Research

What if you were told at 6 years of age that your life was already drawing to its close?

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Petition For DIPG Research

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In May, a friend's six-year-old daughter was diagnosed with DIPG. At SIX years old she was told that she may not have very long to live.

DIPG is a type of Brain Tumor that affects children aged 5-10 years of age and it is almost always fatal.

It kills 99% of child patients

Average life is 9 MONTHS after diagnosis.

Children lose their ability to eat, swallow, talk, walk and even sit up. Throughout this time, children remain fully aware of what is happening to them.

At the moment surgery is not an option.

My friend's family has teamed up with another family and started a petition in order to get the British Government to spend more money researching this form of cancer. Currently, the British Government only spends 1% of the money they spend on researching cancer on this particular form of it.

They need to reach 10,000 signatures in order to get the government to respond to this petition and 100,000 signatures to take it to parliament.

A little six-year-old child needs your help.

If you are currently living in the UK or hold British Citizenship
Please click the link below in order to sign the petition.

All you have to do is enter your name, postcode and email address. An email will be sent to you and by clicking on the link in your email, you will bring us one signature closer to saving children's lives.

Please take out the time to do this. Your help would be much appreciated!

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Thank you all!

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