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    • anander76

      Yeahhh this list is so bad. 9/22.
      Who the hell is Childish Gambino? and David Foster Wallace?
      And no, I thought jorts (aren’t those jean shorts, not those retarded-looking short shorts the guys in that photo are wearing??) went out of style in like 2001.
      I never text “k” because that’s so fucking dismissive, but I do know some guys that do. But I also know some ladies that do, so it’s not gender exclusive. Replace Bioshock Infinite with any FPS shooter, because I don’t know anyone that would claim that as the game they love most. Hell, way more guys (including myself) would choose Mario or Zelda as something they love rather than a game that hasn’t been around for that long. Also, bowties fucking suck. I feel like PeeWee Herman when I wear one. I DO agree with Reddit, Redtube (although as someone else pointed out, PornHub is way better and can I throw in xvideos also!?! haha), Game of Thrones, brewing their own beer (I don’t, but it sure would be cool), and The Wire. I don’t know any buddies of mine that don’t like those things.  Everything else? Clearly written by a female trying to describe her hipster-douche guy friends. Women’s list was way better; I felt like I could relate more to that, or at best see it and know my female friends would relate to it. Bad list Ms. Misener :/

    • anander76

      Way inaccurate. Jorts…uh seriously?
      Childish gambino uhh who is that?
      Nor doIknow who that author is.
      And AA tricolor vneck whateverthehells.Ithink this list was made byawoman to describe stereotypically “metrosexual” guys. Now reddit, redtube, the wire, bio shock (or any fps or third person shooter for that matter), game of thrones, and brewing their own beer…I don’t know any guy that doesn’t like those things. So this list is like 33% accurate. Women’s list was way better

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