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    19 Joys Of Growing Up In Kerala

    *Sips chaya*

    1. You know at least one person whose name is some amalgamation of their parents’ names, like Doris + Bobby = DOBBY.

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    2. Shop names never carried initials. Instead, V was spelt “Vee”, which gave rise to some ~unfortunate~ stores in your neighbourhood like “Cee Pee Medicals”.

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    3. Whether you live in a small town or a big city, everyone you know somehow knows EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

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    4. So you couldn’t go to the local mall ONE time without bumping into all your classmates and their mom.


    5. Which made it hard to bunk school with friends…or ~sneak out~ on dates.

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    6. But that’s okay, because you could always spend the evenings with your friends, checking out the latest Dulquer Salmaan / Parvathy starrer because Malayalam movies >>>>

    Madras Talkies

    7. At any given point in your life, you have a minimum of five cousins who live in Bangalore.

    Rajshri Productions

    8. And another sprinkling of relatives in the Gulf, for good measure.

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    9. You've been on at least one family trip to Munnar, and it was nothing short of spectacular.

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    10. You’re convinced Kerala has the best snacks, because let’s face it: a hot cup of chaya with pazham pori can beat the blues any day of the week.

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    11. Onam was always a time of merriment because you got to eat a delicious sadhya at home.

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    12. And dress up in a saree or mundu veshti for school, where you’d proceed to have a whole photoshoot!

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    13. Speaking of school, if you studied a little too hard, you would be labelled a ~padapist ~

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    14. But if bragged about it, you were JAADA!

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    15. You missed a GOOD few school days, because of hartals, which annoyed the grown-ups but was cause for celebration for you.

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    16. Your first drink was probably a sip of brandy from one of your ~cool~ uncle’s cups at a family gathering.


    17. You have a love / hate relationship with rain because, well, there’s a LOT of it. ALL. YEAR. ROUND.

    Madras Talkies

    18. You kind of took nature for granted because you were surrounded by so much greenery growing up.

    Bruno Guerreiro / Getty Images, Oleh_slobodeniuk / Getty Images

    19. But no one can blame you, because nothing beats this adipoli view you were lucky to have grown up with!

    Artherng / Getty Images

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