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15 Things That Happen When You Take Public Transportation

"I think I might have a nervous breakdown." - a thought you've had while waiting for the bus or train.

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4. The train starts approaching and the platform instantly becomes a mosh pit of people trying to beat you to a seat. Elbows are thrown around so unconcernedly you wonder if you’ll even make it out alive.

6. After running and just making it in time to catch this public form of torture, the conductor announces that there are train delays and we will be stuck here until further notice.


9. You are now stuck in the awkward position between saying nothing and enduring the suffering or saying something and then being stuck standing next to them for the entire train journey.

10. To make matters worse you see a group of school children taking up several seats with backpacks the size of human torsos while you are standing and being bummed to death by your groper.

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