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    34 Ways To Feel Like You’re On Vacation — Even If You’re Stuck At Home

    We sure do want to learn Nonna's pasta recipe, thank you very much.

    1. First, temporarily cure wanderlust by reflecting on your amazing past trips. This cork board travel map (which comes with 194 world flag push pins) will have you looking back fondly at that 2007 Barcelona trip.

    2. Food: a universal language and the language of l-o-v-e. Indulge in a British Cadbury chocolate box, sample some Japanese candy and snacks, and suddenly your taste buds are on vacation — riding the tube and climbing Mount Fuji.

    3. And some food for thought (not consumption): A Cook's Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines by Anthony Bourdain chronicles equal parts travel and fare. From Cambodia to Portugal, you'll learn about the power food holds in cultures around the world.

    the book

    4. Travel the 🌎 via Airbnb virtual experiences. Here's a small sampling of the available classes:

    ~Visit~ a Barcelona workshop and design your own espadrilles. You'll first learn the history of this iconic shoe before choosing your size, laces, threads, and type of stitching — not only will you see the shoes being made, but the final product will also be shipped to your home at no extra cost!

    Cook a delicious, traditional Moroccan meal of chicken tajine (including vegetables and fresh salad!) with a local Moroccan family. Is your mouth watering? Because mine certainly is.

    chicken Tajine with vegetables and a fresh Moroccan salad

    Luca and Lorenzo will walk you through everyone's favorite food: pasta. With their guidance (and recipes passed down from their Nonnas), you're basically guaranteed to become an expert at this famous Italian dish.

    cheese being poured over pasta

    5. Ugh, another upcoming semester with no word from Hogwarts about your acceptance. No worries. Pretend to feast in the Great Hall by indulging in Bertie Bott's beans or whipping up your very own chocolate frogs.

    6. Or! If you're craving a more satisfying meal (one that is not, no offense, just candy), this magical cookbook will take your hand and lead you through some fantastic wizarding meals. Think everything from treacle tarts and rock cakes to kippers and meat pies.

    the book

    7. I guess the saying really is true: You've got the whole world in your hands (er, iPhone) with Google Arts & Culture. Take a virtual walk to iconic spots like Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) in Brazil, the Colosseum in Italy, the Taj Mahal in India, and so much more.

    Cristo Redentor in Rio

    8. It may not be boating on the Amalfi Coast, but getting even a sliver of sunlight feels like an instant "I took PTO" boost — so why not work outside sans glare with a universal umbrella? This one is designed with UPF 50+ protection and a universal clamp, meaning it can easily latch on to a patio chair.

    reviewer photo of pug in shade under a blue umbrella

    9. Travel may be on pause right now, but what's stopping you from planning that eventual trip? Jot down dream vacay itineraries in this travel planner: It's particularly awesome because it has designated pages for things to do, places to go, places to eat, budget, and transportation. *starts to plan for eventual Cape Town, South Africa adventure*

    the blue spiral notebook labeled "Wander Always"

    10. Experience the magic of Disney (sans having to peer over massive crowds) with the virtual Not-So-Spooky Spectacular fireworks show *or* 360-degree interactive videos of their most iconic rides. That's right! A front row seat on Space Mountain is yours.

    fireworks over Cinderella Castle in Disney

    11. Up the ante with some Japanese Daifuku Mochi, which reviewers swear are sold at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot. These are sure to give your taste buds the thrill of their l-i-f-e: This particular kind has cream and strawberry jam filling, plus a light sprinkling of powdered sugar.

    12. Cover everything in vintage-inspired travel stickers: your laptop, your water bottle, your notebook, your phone. Just do it.

    the stickers

    13. Satisfy your wanderlust and explore the globe by way of a travel-themed movie — because nothing screams "Volare" quite like The Lizzie McGuire Movie does, amirite?

    14. Plus, turn movie night into an ~event~ by hosting it outdoors! This Kodak projector lets you watch shows, films, and YouTube videos with integrated Airplay (and a USB slot and HDMI cable for connecting), plus it can be connected to an external speaker *and* has its own built-in speaker. Blank wall + this little gadget = a personal home theater.

    15. It may be a while before we can travel to new cities and countries. Le sigh. But instead of seeing the glass half empty, consider this a new challenge in researching and exploring the history that your *own* city has to offer.

    16. Get dressed up! No, really. Everyone has those outfits dubbed "vacation clothes" because of how photogenic they are. Ditch your leggings for something more festive when it comes to your next walk — throwing on this gorgeous two-piece set, for example, will instantly make you feel as if you're on your way to explore something new.

    17. Enjoy a fancy cup of coffee at home as you would abroad. This heat-resistant, borosilicate glass Bodum pour-over carafe is designed with a permanent filter that makes a smooth serving of joe, is dishwasher-safe, and can make up to eight cups at a time.

    the glass coffee maker

    18. Whip up your own homemade chocolate croissants and feel like you're in the City of Love with each bite. Paris, I love you — and your ~pain au chocolate~.

    19. Skim through Aimee Song: World of Style for both travel *and* style inspo. This gorgeous book contains blogger Aimee Song's favorite looks worn around the 🌍.

    a page from the book

    20. Nothing screams "I'm staying at a hotel" quite like a bomba$$ breakfast, so treat yourself to a fancy spread. Tackle one of these fancy brunch recipes (hello, photogenic acai bowl) and take the ~hard~ work out of egg-based dishes with this Dash rapid cooker.

    21. Pitch a weatherproof Coleman tent in your backyard for a DIY camping trip (and be sure to add in s'mores, spooky stories, and star gazing for the full effect).

    the dark blue tent

    22. Gather up old travel mementos and stick 'em in this ring-bound ticket stub journal (here's looking at you, various museum receipts). Not only does this turn tickets into a scrapbook you'll cherish forever, but it also prevents said ticket stubs from cluttering up every nook, cranny, and corner of your living space.

    23. Enlist the help of the Finishing Touch vibrating rose quartz facial roller: this tool stimulates circulation, promotes collagen production, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and feels divine. "One facial massage and lymphatic drainage, coming right up." — you to yourself in the mirror, because IRL facials are on pause for the moment.

    hand holding pink facial roller

    24. Use a Kodak instant camera with Bluetooth capability for printing full-sized travel photos from your phone's camera roll. The photo paper is even equipped with adhesive on the back, aka scrapbooking your last vacation just became a *whole* lot easier.

    25. ATTN, spooky friends: You can take a video tour of the famed Winchester Mystery House — all from the comfort of your own couch, where the ghosts (I assume) won't be able to find you.

    the Winchester Mansion

    26. If you think "vacation" is synonymous with "a hotel spa visit", then try your hand at these surprisingly easy massage techniques — nothing like a few trapezius pulls to finally rid your back of those pesky knot(s).

    27. If you lack the patience required for the above (or your hands are prone to cramping), I hear you loud and clear: so does this portable massage ball. This provides 360-degree rotation and is comfortable to hold, which means giving your partner (or yourself) a massage will have never been so easy.

    reviewer holding blue massager

    28. Create the ultimate time capsule with this illustrated travel journal. Filled with thought-provoking prompts in listicle form, jot down everything from world heritage sites and beaches to festivals and parades you've experienced firsthand — or would *eventually* like to experience.

    page from the travel journal

    29. Skip the airfare (turbulence included) and tour Machu Picchu by internet — a special 360-degree technology allows you to feel as if you're exploring this Inca citadel by foot.

    Machu Picchu

    30. Why not travel by way of cocktail? Sip on a Barraquito to transport to Tenerife, Spain or pair every Italian pasta dish with an Aperol Spritz. If you'd like to hone in on one country or specific regions, there may be a book for that: take these cocktail books catered to France and Latin America, for example.

    31. Invest in these jumbo silicone ice molds guarantee a better cocktails-at-home experience. Fancy looks aside, these perfectly shaped chunks of ice take forever to melt — aka, so long diluted negronis and hello beverages that look like something out of a mixologist's handbook.

    32. Spend the ~day~ at the American Museum of Natural History by browsing through extensive research collections, taking a virtual tour, or downloading the Explorer app to learn more about your favorite exhibits.

    dinosaur exhibit at American Museum of Natural History

    33. Get beach waves without, well, actually going to the beach via the Remington wand. This miracle tool allows even the finest, straightest of manes to hold the most voluminous mane: Just wrap your hair around the barrel, wait a few seconds, and you're done. Minimal effort required. Several tears shed.

    34. And finally, remember that just because you can't travel *right now* doesn't mean you can't travel *ever again*. Hold your horses, wear your mask, binge wanderlust TV, and slowly plan the dream trip you'll take once it's safe again.

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