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    Here's How To Change Up Your Skincare Routine For Cheap

    So, paper towels can be used as sheet masks. Who knew?

    1. Please believe me when I say that it's actually super easy — and cost effective! — to DIY your own sheet mask. Just grab some paper towels and scour your kitchen pantry for all the necessary ingredients (more on that below).

    2. Exfoliate sensitive skin with gentle ingredients like papaya and pineapple enzymes found in this Bliss jelly peel exfoliator, which lift away dead skin cells to reveal a canvas smoother than any baby's bottom. Talk about leaving only the good stuff ~behind~, eh?

    3. Combat scarring and cystic acne indentations by incorporating a micro needle roller into the mix. This specific model is more affordable than other rollers on the market (we’re talking an $80 difference) but equally as effective. #bless

    4. Repeat after me: Toner. This post-cleansing product ensures that your pores have been cleared of *all* the gunk your face wash missed, plus it helps balance your skins pH. Opt for an alcohol-free formula (this Neutrogena alcohol-free toner is fab and costs less than $4) to ensure your face isn't stripped of moisture.

    5. Use Vaseline if you're tired of waking up to yesterday's makeup smeared all over your pillowcase. This tub of tried-and-true petroleum jelly is here to get rid of all the mascara (even the waterproof kind) that your cleanser left behind.

    6. Premature popping leads to scarring, so stop. picking. at. your. zits. Instead, make your own spot treatment by mixing a spoonful of baking soda and a bit of water to form a thick, acne-fighting paste.

    7. Or! Slap on a hydrocolloid Hero Cosmetics pimple patch to prevent picking and speed up the ~draining~ zit process. Another ding ding we have a winner feature is that these transparent stickers won't leave behind any residue on your pillow (which is not the case for most spot treatments).

    8. Lean on caffeine to de-puff your peepers and reduce pesky dark circles (because beauty sleep = overrated, am I right?). Luxe eye creams usually cost around a trillion dollars, so finding a holy grail like this ~$10 one from The Inkey List feels like striking gold.

    9. Seek products with hyaluronic acid if you have dry *or* oily skin. This holy grail ingredient prevents excess oil production, adds hydration, and gives your skin a boost of brightness all with a few taps — the Cosmedica hyaluronic acid serum is a great way to try said holy grail for cheap.

    10. Make humid days more bearable with an ice roller to nix overheating and puffiness (did someone say lymphatic drainage!?). This also combats redness and inflammation caused by things like, say, the extreme sport that is eyebrow plucking and at-home waxing.

    11. If you're using a super drying acne medication, opt for this thick Weleda lotion: It's made from vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, and calendula flowers to hydrate even the most parched skin. Slap some of this on before bed (WARNING: it'll feel a bit greasy upon application) and wake up to a nourished complexion.

    12. Heal breakouts and absorb excess oil (we love a twofer) with this Mario Badescu powder, which is destined to become your new holy grail if you're pimple-prone and want some coverage. This sulfur-based formula will mattify and reduce redness, but won't clog pores in the process.

    13. Conquer Korean beauty rituals with *takes deep breath* this 10-step routine. Sounds excessive! I know! But it's easy to follow and tackles everything from dullness (cc: Cosrx snail mucin essence) to acne (and hello to you too, Mediheal tea tree sheet mask).

    I mean, what do we love? Results.

    14. Skin, meet glycolic acid: a one-stop shop for exfoliation. These vegan Bliss resurfacing pads ~peel~ off dead skin cells with just one swipe and, thanks to the slow release of glycolic acid, will help reduce fine lines, even out discoloration, and improve brightness — and unlike your typical peel, these pads contain witch hazel, licorice, and calendula flower extract to keep irritation at bay.

    15. Masking = not just for nighttime. This SkinFood mask is perfect for your a.m. routine due to an immediate brightening effect that'll make it look like you *actually* got your beauty sleep last night! It also smells divine thanks to an ingredient trio of black sugar, strawberry seeds, and strawberry seed oil.

    16. Look for non-comedogenic makeup that won't aggravate your breakouts. Take this cruelty-free Almay matte foundation, for example: It has a buildable formula infused with salicylic acid to actively heal pimples while providing coverage at the same darn time.

    17. Oh, and a friendly reminder to clean 👏 your 👏 makeup 👏 brushes 👏. They are a breeding ground for pore-clogging bacteria, so disinfecting everything from your blending sponge to your trusty kabuki is extremely important. Try out this plant-based Ecotools cleanser, which is highly-rated, super effective, and costs less than an NYC lunch.

    18. Give beauty sleep a whole new meaning with this Body Shop sleeping mask. A blend of salicylic acid and tea tree oil work to happily destroy pimples and excess sebum whilst you dream, meaning you'll wake up to mattified skin that *won't* require 10 pounds of setting powder.

    19. Switch up your shower routine with a no-waste homemade sugar scrub bar. Simply combine a quartet of sugar, green tea, honey, and lemon essential oil to reduce inflammation, lighten dark spots, decrease oil production, *and* soothe your skin.

    20. Opt for a gel-based moisturizer if your combination skin is the worst of both worlds: both dry *and* oily. Gel moisturizers provide instant relief for dry patches, but are lightweight enough to balance out the excess oil on your t-zone (reviewers swear by this one from Garnier).

    21. Do a little digging (or simply reference the below chart) to figure out which oil is best suited for your skincare concerns: For example, chamomile oil reduces puffiness, tea tree oil curbs acne, and marula oil is a great moisturizing agent. Knowledge = power.

    22. A word that strikes fear into your heart: Backne. Tackle it with an exfoliating towel to remove layers of dead skin that lead to scarring — use it in combo with Mario Badescu botanical body soap and your back will be all but invincible to breakouts.

    23. Yes, your skin experiences hangovers. And yes, just like you, it needs extra hydration (and carbs and four days of rest) to recover. So after a night fueled by cheap wine, rely on this vegan Pacifica probiotic cream for a much-needed dose of moisture.

    24. Treat eczema and itchy skin with this paraben-, formaldehyde-, dye-, and fragrance-free with a bottle of no-frills Vanicream moisturizer. Added bonus: It's effective on both face and body.

    25. Boost the effectiveness of your daily cleanser with a silicone massage brush. This handy tool adds some gentle exfoliation à la BPA-free bristles, which ensure your pores have been stripped of all remaining gunk. Heroes? Not all of 'em wear capes.

    26. Now if you're constantly neglecting the sunscreen step in your a.m. routine, then add sheer coverage — and protection — to your tired complexion by way of this tinted Australian Gold SPF50 face lotion. It's made from an antioxidant-rich blend of kakadu plum, eucalyptus, and red algae that won't make you break out (hallelujah).

    27. Dry lips = the bane of my existence. Slather on this Lanolips strawberry ointment before bed and voilà! You'll wake up to a nourished pout ready for even the most drying of matte lipsticks (because I'm just going to come out and say it...🗣️matte formulas look great, but they ARE drying as heck).

    28. Bid adieu to back and butt pimples with a non-comedogenic, fragrance-free Cerave moisturizing cream. This formula contains salicylic acid, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin d for light exfoliation, which paves the way for smoother skin that's more able retain moisture.

    29. Put down the disposable wipes and look toward greener pastures, i.e. the eco-friendly Makeup Eraser. This seemingly simple cloth actually swipes off all your makeup when combined with a bit of water — and yes, that includes waterproof mascara.

    30. If you've read up on the benefits of ACV but detest the taste, I get it. Add a bottle of The Inkey List apple cider vinegar peel to your skincare routine instead: it's got10% glycolic acid and fruit enzymes, which gently reduce redness and dark spots to reveal a glowing complexion.

    31. On an extra tight budget? Make like a high school sleepover and DIY your own face mask using stuff that's already in your kitchen. Be sure to focus on formulas that tackle your specific skin concerns: For example, canned pumpkin + brown sugar + vitamin E oil = great for soothing red, blotchy skin.

    32. Fact: Polishing your nails is difficult, but taking care of your cuticles is not. If your cuticles look like they were mauled by a wild animal, it's time to start using Solaroil — this effective formula is what spinach is to Popeye in that it'll help your nails grow strong (with very little effort required on your part).

    33. Draw out trapped gunk and deep-rooted oil with Bioré pore strips. These satisfying strips (the review pics are *ahem* delicious) have the ability to reduce the appearance of blackheads and remove a significant amount of them after just one use.

    34. Let me present you with some simple math: Working out in the morning —> not showering right away —> trapped sweat —> clogged pores —> pimples. Use these lavender-scented hypoallergenic wipes (made with tea tree oil, peppermint, aloe, and ginseng) to quickly cleanse your skin post-run and prevent any body acne apocalypses from occurring.

    35. Exfoliate your pout with Handmade Heroes coconut sugar scrub. Not only does it smell delicious, but it's also super effective in taking away the dry, flaky skin residing on your lips.

    Your ears perking up at the word "cheap":

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