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    42 Products You Should Invest In If You're A Frequent Flyer

    If you're signed up for an airline rewards program (#adulting), then here are several things you'll be purchasing faster than you can say "the flight is expensive but it'll be cheap once we get there".

    1. Compression socks to keep your adorable little piggies (...your feet, duh) from swelling up while hovering about a billion miles in the air. Did I happen to mention that these have over 7,000 positive reviews? I didn't? Well, they do.

    2. A Lano leave-on flyer mask formulated with lanolin, mint, caffeine, and ginger. In English? That means that your skin will be hydrated, dewy, clean-feeling, and awake — in spite of the fact that you had to leave your home at 3AM for the budget red-eye flight you booked.

    3. Vitamin e-infused makeup wipes available in individually-sized packets, meaning you can stash one in your purse before boarding a flight to cleanse your face of dirt, oil, and makeup. All without having to ask the person in the aisle seat to get up so you can use the restroom! Skin = saved. Awkward ask of a stranger = avoided.

    4. A canvas BÉIS backpack designed with two inner mesh pockets, a zip-around closure, and a back band that can be slipped on over the handles of your rolling suitcase. Also, it's gorgeous. I don't typically believe in magic, but...

    5. Hydrocolloid COSRX pimple patches because what do we want joining us on our Italian vacation we’ve been planning for months? Not a zit. Slap this baby on during your flight to reduce painful pimple swelling and make it practically non-existent.

    6. A palm-sized leather travel case to keep all of your favorite jewelry in one convenient location as opposed to throwing it all into your carry-on and hoping for the best. This is designed with four necklace hooks, six holes for your earrings, a ring holder, and an additional pocket for whatever other bling you'd like to bring with you on vacay.

    7. A jade roller you'll want to add to your in-flight skincare routine ASAP. This little facial massager is said to promote circulation, tighten skin, and help with lymphatic drainage to keep your face feeling glorious and de-puffed (which is especially helpful while flying).

    8. A helpful checklist that will remind you to pack underwear, deodorant, contact lens solution, and all the other necessities that you forget to bring. Do you have 18 pairs of shoes? Of course. But did you pack your toothbrush? Hmm, probably not.

    9. A Calpak vanity trunk large enough to store all of the cosmetics you'd need for a long getaway. From tubs of your favorite body lotion to that very necessary full-sized dry shampoo, this will fit absolutely everything in your beauty arsenal with room to spare.

    10. A hardshell case so that your sunglasses have an actual shot at making it to your final destination in one piece. I get it. They're inexpensive. But flinging them into your purse will just lead to scratches, scuffs, and heartache so please...just put them in this damn case.

    11. A first aid kit because one minute you're enjoying a nice hike and the next minute your foot is bleeding. If you enjoy the great outdoors but are also impossibly clumsy, please make sure you have antiseptic on hand.

    12. A Béis organizer pouch you can attach directly to the back-seat pocket under your tablet-sized TV. This keeps everything (passports, phones, chapsticks, earbuds) neatly tucked away but within reach at all times. Another very important bonus? Long gone will be the days of forgetting anything on the back of an airplane chair.

    13. A silicone travel mat that is heat-resistant up to 450°F and prevents you from ruining expensive things (like, gee, hotel bedding which I totally have not done). Feel free to wrap this around a hot tool before throwing it in your suitcase, with peace of mind knowing it won't burn anything it touches.

    14. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite with a built-in adjustable light that makes reading easy wherever you go — whether it's sunlit beaches or an overnight flight in which you can't turn on the overhead light for fear of being hated by your aisle mates. Plus, a single battery charge lasts for weeks.

    15. An Away carry-on luggage designed with a hidden laundry bag, a TSA-approved combination lock, an ejectable battery to charge your ever-dying cell, and 360° wheels. It even has an interior compression system to let you PACK MORE STUFF.

    16. An emergency grooming kit because the only thing worse than a a hangnail while you're on vacation. Don't let poor cuticles ruin your $$$ shot of your hand holding an ice cream cone with Italian cobblestone streets in the background.

    17. Packing cubes capable of helping you fit your entire 👏 friggin' 👏 wardrobe 👏 inside of your carry-on which is, let me tell you, no small feat.

    18. Eye masks that will de-puff, moisturize, and brighten even the darkest of eye circles. Traveling may wreak havoc on both your sleep schedule and your complexion, but pop these on whilst enjoying your in-flight pretzels to look as if you got a full eight hours of restful sleep.

    19. A lipstick-sized portable charger so that your phone DOES NOT DIE in the middle of that Law & Order: SVU season you downloaded SPECIFICALLY for this flight. And while "fancy" airlines offer a USB port on each chair, we booked the budget -friendly kind. No USB ports. No complimentary checked bag. It's fine. We're fine.

    20. A travel wallet because there is NOTHING WORSE than losing a connecting boarding pass while on a plane. Is it underneath your seat? In the carry-on you stored in the overhead compartment? DID YOU DROP IT EN ROUTE TO THE PLANE?

    21. A four-wheel underseater small enough to not feel like a *total* nuisance at the airport, but large enough to store all your in-flight essentials. Headphones! Tablets! Contact solution! This pretty BB can hold it all.

    22. A cruelty-free and plant-based Acure essentials kit complete with a hydrating shampoo, a hydrating conditioner, a moisturizing day cream, and a brightening facial scrub which — with over 2,000 positive reviews — has achieved holy grail status.

    23. A comfy V-neck jumpsuit perfect for any time, any place, and any location. It's made with a snazzy, wrinkle-resistant fabric that will always look as it were just taken the cleaners (which it most certainly was not), meaning you'll be able to hop off the plane at LAX and head straight to brunch.

    24. Neoprene handle wraps available in fluorescent colors you can easily spot from space or, at the very least, from baggage claim. No more confusing your boring black suitcase with someone else's.

    25. A Mario Badescu facial spray that I’m not sure how you’re living without. This impressive blend of aloe, herbs, and rosewater can do everything from set and refresh makeup, give your complexion a dewy appearance, and wake up tired skin — the kind that was waiting in an airport for one million hours due to a delayed flight caused by “bad weather”.

    26. A TSA-approved transparent organizer so that you don't have to fish around your suitcase for liquids (and then stuff them in a clear baggy) while going through airport security. Flying is nerve-wracking enough. Let's not be panicking about whether or not our favorite moisturizer will be unjustly confiscated.

    27. A Downy wrinkle-eliminating spray for the person who's travelling for business and doesn't feel like showing up to that meeting with a button-down that's wrinkled beyond repair. PLUS! This spray works to eliminate static and odor, which is especially lovely if you're a bit behind on laundry (which I totally am not hahah).

    28. A travel-sized Batiste dry shampoo capable of making your 'do look freshly-washed by the time you land at your destination. Grease? You don't know her. You're too busy traveling the world to even think about her.... *nervous giggle*

    29. A fast-drying, super-absorbent microfiber towel you can use in bathrooms and beaches, plus it's thin enough that it won't take up too much precious room in your carry-on. It even comes with an easy storage pouch that won't take up a ton of suitcase space.

    30. A foldable hair dryer that packs a lot of power. This tool may be small, but it is damn mighty and can be folded down into a penny-sized speck that can fit into any corner of your bursting-at-the-seams suitcase.

    31. An Olympia rolling duffel bag perfect for the chronic overpacker. You can hypothetically shove 11 dresses, 19 tops, 18 sneakers, and your entire makeup bag in here — and you'll *still* have room to spare. Magic! It exists!

    32. A neck pillow with chin support designed to help your head remain upright. This'll prevent your noggin from falling down whenever you begin to snooze.

    33. Individually-wrapped antibacterial hand and face wipes seeing as airplanes are breeding grounds for bacteria, so it's highly imperative that you wipe everything down as to not arrive at your travel destination with some sort of mysterious virus.

    34. A toiletry bag you'll be able to hang up in the hotel bathroom for easy access to all of your, well, toiletries. The compact size means it doesn't take up a ton of room in your suitcase, but the deep pockets allow for a TON of storage.

    35. A silicone spool because tangled headphones are the second most frustrating thing on the planet (forgetting your headphones at home is #1). Imagine being able to pull these out of your purse without having to unknot them for five minutes? Wow.

    36. A magnifying mirror that folds into a travel-friendly compact OR can be adjusted to stand upright. This compact is designed with LED lights to ensure bad lighting doesn't get in the way of your killing the makeup game.

    37. Mini Wet Brush brushes designed with flexible bristles to detangle your (very tangled) 'do without painfully pulling chunks of hair out in the process. Goodbye, in-flight knots that have mysteriously appeared even though I haven’t moved my head in…several hours.

    38. Luggage tags complete with name and address lines, that way if your suitcase gets lost at the airport (which has only happened to me, oh, 19 times) — they'll know exactly where to send it!

    39. A palm-sized Crystal deodorant stick that banishes BO + smelly bacteria to the ~pits~ of HECK (you can thank the mineral salt formula for that). It's also cruelty-free, aluminum-free, fragrance-free, and vegan, and won't leave any white marks on your black top.

    40. Lightweight Baleaf jogger sweats with a tapered silhouette that looks *way* more polished than your old high school gym pants — but shhh, they're equally as comfy.

    41. Silicone sleeves you can slip on over the arms of the angel — er, your eyeglasses. This will help prevent all headache-inducing discomfort that comes from your frames digging into your head.

    42. Biodegradable body wipes made with tea tree oil, peppermint, aloe, and ginseng that will leave your skin feeling refreshed, clean, and not dry or sticky. Plus, they're lavender-scented which basically means you're already relaxed.

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