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    27 Underrated Places That Belong On Your Bucket List

    Because Paris is gorgeous but so is Budva.

    The coronavirus pandemic is still impacting travel, and destinations around the world have different COVID-19 restrictions in place. It’s important to check and adhere to local government policies as you’re planning any future trips.

    1. Agadir, Morocco

    2. Montevideo, Uruguay

    3. Columbus, Ohio

    4. Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

    5. Ella, Sri Lanka

    6. Alexandria, Egypt

    7. St. Petersburg, Florida

    8. The Algarve, Portugal

    9. Tbilisi, Georgia

    10. Toyooka, Japan

    11. Ljubljana, Slovenia

    12. Palermo, Italy

    13. Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

    14. Zagreb, Croatia

    15. Anchorage, Alaska

    16. Rapid City, South Dakota

    17. Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

    18. Brașov, Romania

    19. Puebla, Mexico

    20. Charlotte, North Carolina

    21. Lyon, France

    22. Valletta, Malta

    23. Budva, Montenegro

    24. Hội An, Vietnam

    25. Gdansk, Poland

    26. Ghent, Belgium

    27. Salt Lake City, Utah

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