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    37 Tips And Products To Help You Have The Best Trip Ever

    Because you know what ruins a trip before you've even boarded your first flight? Unexpected baggage fees.

    1. First, flights! Places like Skyscanner actually ~scan~ the internet to find the lowest rates, allowing you to refine results based on number of stops, time of arrival/departure, and airline — all at no extra cost to you. And so without further ado, goodbye! Currently snagging that roundtrip ticket to to Paris for $290 (see below).

    2. Write down bucket list things you'd like to check off in order of importance, that way you get your main activities out of the way first and don't end up coming home to say "Damn, I was in Paris for four days and didn't go to the Louvre because I waited until the last minute." This travel planner is particularly awesome because it has designated pages for things to do, places to go, places to eat, budget, and transportation.

    3. Have you ever landed in a foreign country, iPhone battery depleted, to realize that *nervous giggle* you've brought the wrong adapter? Because same. This universal adapter works in a bunch of different countries, from New Zealand to Spain, ensuring that you'll be able to use everything from your straightening iron to your camera charger the second your butt hits that hotel bed.

    4. Roll 👏 your 👏 clothes 👏. Not only is this technique much easier and faster than traditional folding, but it also prevents wrinkles and saves a ton of space. Permission to overpack? Now granted.

    5. Most hotel shampoos make my hair greasy a mere .5 seconds after showering, which is why these TSA-approved squeezable silicone containers are a personal must. They're perfect for bringing along all of your favorite hair, body, and skincare products (the kind that are so rudely unavailable in travel-sized bottles).

    6. Bliss = booking a 4-star hotel for *ahem* 57% off. Hotwire works with independent and chain hotels alike to form Hot Rates, daily deals that allow you to snag amazing hotels for a significantly reduced rate.

    7. Purchase a luggage scale now and treasure it for forever. Overweight baggage fees, which I know from personal experience/shame can cost upwards of $100, are not the fee you want to pay before embarking on an overseas adventure.

    8. Repeat after me: All hail packing cubes. Not only do these simple organizers keep everything looking nice and neat, but they're also capable of cramming your entire wardrobe into something as small as your carry-on. Because who cares if you're only going away for a weekend? You need multiple outfit options and by multiple outfit options, I mean you need at least 97 dresses and 34 pairs of shoes.

    9. Do yourself a massive favor and invest in an accordion travel wallet. It'll give you peace of mind while traveling to know that your connecting boarding passes and important travel documents are neatly tucked away into one accessible place, as opposed to floating around aimlessly in your overstuffed backpack.

    10. While budget airlines are my bread and butter (I once paid $18 for a roundtrip ticket from London To Dublin), you need to be wary of hidden fees. Ryanair, for example, charges €/£55 if you choose to check-in at the airport and an additional €/£20 to print your boarding pass. In conclusion: Read the fine print! Do online check-in! Print your boarding pass out before you get to London Gatwick as to avoid spending money that you barely have!

    11. Bring a collapsible Nomader water bottle that you can roll up and stow away when not in use. Pro tip: Fill this up at a water fountain before your flight so that if the drink carts take forever to come around, you're not slowly dying of both dehydration and a hatred of turbulence.

    12. Scour Groupon Getaways to find great hotel deals or air-inclusive trips that span everywhere from Italy to South Africa. (The catch is you have to fly out on certain dates, which is what typically makes these packages so much more affordable.)

    13. Puffer jackets and thick sweaters take over every inch of space in your carry-on, which is why compression bags are so useful when it comes to packing bulky cold weather items. These space-savers don't require a vacuum (which, come on, who has access to one while traveling?) and need to be simply rolled in order to get rid of excess air.

    14. Size regulations differ from airline to airline (rude), which is why this Amazon page is such a wonderful source. It allows you to shop for carry-ons based on what airline you're flying with, meaning you won't be stuck paying a fee for that "too big by one inch" bag you tried to lug onto that budget-friendly flight you semi-foolishly booked.

    15. Here I am, genuinely recommending a fanny pack. Not only is this great for airport travel, but it’s also great for all of your daily activities! Carrying around a crossbody while sightseeing genuinely hurts your shoulders after a while and makes you more susceptible to pickpocketing, which is what makes this Little Black Fanny Pack such a great investment.

    16. Budgets: annoying to have, impossible to avoid. For a nightly rate that won't ruin your humble savings account, use Hostelworld to book a shared dorm or private room in over 178 countries. The gorgeous Lisbon property featured below, for example, offers rates starting at $23.53. A subpar salad in NYC has cost me that much.

    17. Dozing off mid-flight can result in the stiffest neck imaginable, which is why you need this neck pillow to give you the sweetest of airplane dreams. It's designed with chin support to help your head remain upright, preventing your noggin from falling down whenever you begin to snooze.

    18. Don't forget to call your bank to alert them pre-travel (something most banks require). Not only will this ensure you can use your card internationally, but you can check if you'll have to pay small international fees with every swipe. And! You can even order foreign currency to your nearest bank, which is especially awesome as it can save you a ton of money. Exchanging cash is usually expensive at airports, but your bank will probably offer a more reasonable rate.

    19. No washer? No problem. These Tide travel packets are perfect for hand-washing your clothes in the sink, that way you'll be able to clean the only white tee you remembered to bring with you...because all the room you could have dedicated to everyday basics was instead invested into packing nine pairs of shoes.

    20. Immerse yourself in local culture and cuisine by signing up for tours (Viator is a great place to start some tour research). One shining example is this Brussels chocolate tasting tour, where you'll be able to sample plenty of chocolate flavors, learn how your favorite treat is made, and eat a traditional Belgian waffle. Drool.

    21. At the risk of sounding like your mother, please pack some Band-Aid bandages. I know you love your new vacation shoes, Instagram loves your new vacation shoes, but you know who doesn't love your new vacation shoes? Your feet. Slap on these hydro seal cushions the moment you sense any oncoming blister apocalypses.

    22. Live like a local by, well, staying in their home. Airbnb is a great tool for finding a place that best suits your needs, whether looking for a spot to accommodate a big group or a centrally-located flat perfect for two.

    23. Block out the light your seatmate has so rudely decided to turn on with a cotton sleep mask. Yes, this is an overnight flight and yes, you're clearly trying to get some sleep, but the book your seatmate is reading is apparently too good to put down.

    24. Do yourself a favor and invest in baggage that doesn't suck. This Away carry-on luggage is designed with a hidden laundry bag, a TSA-approved combination lock, an ejectable battery to charge your ever-dying cell, and 360° wheels. It even has an interior compression system to let you PACK MORE STUFF.

    25. Quit confusing your boring black suitcase with someone else's by slapping this handy dandy neoprene velcro wrap onto your luggage handle. It's available in a bunch of neon colors that could probably be spotted from space, let alone baggage claim.

    26. If solo travel is the kind of Eat, Pray, Love-esque experience you'd like to have (but you're still a bit nervous about the whole, well, solo aspect), then EF Ultimate Break might be your golden ticket. They organize group trips for folks ages 18–29, spanning 65+ different package options and interest-free payment plans.

    27. Ah, there's nothing quite like finally getting to your hotel room after a delayed flight and opening up your suitcase to realize that — surprise — your expensive, full-sized face wash has leaked all over your clothes. To prevent this potential disaster, simple cover bottle tops with plastic wrap and then screw the cap back on. Crisis averted.

    28. Sightseeing all day = inevitable sweat all over your body. Bring along these biodegradable body wipes made with tea tree oil, peppermint, aloe, and ginseng to leave your skin feeling refreshed, clean, and not dry or sticky. Consider these the perfect mid-day pick-me-up.

    29. Dowload apps like Hopper to track potential trip dates and notify you when a good flight deal pops up. It can even predict whether you should book ASAP or wait for a better deal (a message will appear saying you could save as much as $XX per ticket if you wait a bit longer to book).

    30. Tangled cords are a nuisance you don't want to deal whilst on a your long overdue vacation, so secure all of your cables with reusable rubber twist ties and forget all about the headache that is having to untangle your headphones.

    31. Bid adieu to flying discomfort with some disposable silicone earplugs. Ear pain during air travel is REAL (every baby aboard your plane is crying for a reason), but these nifty little things are the perfect way to help curb harsh noises at my-ears-are-popping altitudes.

    32. Depending on your itinerary, renting a car might be wise! It's great if you're traveling with a large group of friends (hello, splitting the bill) or are going to a spread out city that doesn't offer the convenience of Uber (hello, Reykjavík), but may not make sense for places that are super congested with traffic and/or have great public transportation.

    33. Did you pack 35 pairs of shoes? Yes. But did you pack contact solution, toothpaste, a hair tie, and socks? Probably not. That's where this packing list notepad comes in handy, reminding you to bring all the small (but extremely important) miscellaneous items you'd have otherwise forgotten about.

    34. Maybe they have foot rests in first class, but that’s a luxury not extended to economy. This little memory foam foot rest allows you to truly ~kick your feet up~ and relax, promoting circulation and helping you feel less cramped in your tiny seat.

    35. If you've ever dreamed of visiting a super remote location (the kind typically reserved for, say, scientists...), you totally can! The purpose of sites like Intrepid Travel is to organize intimate group tours throughout a whole host of destinations, including detailed itineraries for spots like Antartica and Greenland.

    36. For bigger trips, this Calpak vanity trunk is large enough to store all of the cosmetics you'd need for a long getaway. From tubs of your favorite body lotion to that very necessary full-sized dry shampoo, this will fit absolutely everything in your beauty arsenal with room to spare.

    37. It's time to say goodbye to weak hotel hair tools that take 84 years to dry a single strand of hair. Pack this mighty Conair dryer instead, which can be folded down into a compact speck you can stuff into any corner of your suitcase.

    You on your next vacay, living your best Eat Pray Love life:

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