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    Calling All Tea Lovers! We've Found Your New Favorite Etsy Shop

    It's a bird! It's a plane! No, wait, it's breakfast blend.

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    Attention, Earl Grey aficionados! You'll want to buy absolutely EVERYTHING from this adorable French tea shop.

    Tea Heritage on Etsy sells unique tea bags made only from the finest of ingredients and with the cutest of designs. Will you spend all your money on everything they sell? Yes, probably.

    FIRST! Their designs are lovely. Picture delicious 🍵 tea 🍵 in the shape of swans, airplanes, crowns, and more.

    This swan-shaped tea bag, for example, will turn your morning cup of tea into an even more luxurious experience. A swan? In my favorite mug? TRY to name something more elegant.

    Get a set of five swan tea bags for $8.50 (available in nine flavors).

    And not to be that person, but these tea bags are begging to be featured on your Instagram. They're more photogenic than...I don't know...all the Kardashians combined.

    Get a set of five star tea bags for $8.50 (available in jasmine green tea, Earl Grey, and breakfast).

    PLUS! Tea Heritage uses organic cotton yarn for their products, meaning no icky chemicals will seep their way into your beverage.

    FYI, you'll want to be careful with this plane-shaped tea bag. It's been known to fly away.

    Get a set of five plane tea bags for $8.50 (available in jasmine green tea, breakfast, and Earl Grey).

    They also offer a ton of flavors! Snag your favorite basics like green tea, breakfast blend, and Earl Grey, as well as more unique blends, including rose mint and violet raspberry.

    Warning: Don't use this cactus-shaped tea bag if you have a sore throat. It's not soothing at all! In fact, it's pretty prickly.

    Get a set of five cactus tea bags for $8.50 (available in jasmine green tea, breakfast, almond, and strawberry almond).

    Don't want to listen to me talk about them anymore? Rude, but FINE! Let the reviews below speak for themselves.

    "These arrived quickly and were wrapped so nicely in a cute little bag, which made them perfect to give as a gift. The swan tea bags looks so cute. My mom loves them!" —ciann176

    "These are perfect in every way. Buy this! The design is pretty but the tea itself is great, too!" —Lisa Vaira-Haslock

    "We used these as our wedding favors and LOVED them! So many of our guests were traveling, and having a very small, travel-friendly favor was important to us. My husband and I have so many good memories of sitting down with family and friends with a cup of tea, so it was such a perfect fit for us! Elodie is wonderful to work with and we are so happy with how they turned out. I can't wait to purchase more to have in our home!" —Sarah Miller

    "This was the perfect gift for my tea-drinking, pilot husband! We love to travel and love enjoying these tea bags together!" —ChristyM15

    Get a set of five crown tea bags for $8.50 (available in jasmine green tea, breakfast, and Earl Grey).

    PLUS! These adorable tea bags make for the perfect budget-friendly gift or wedding favor. Tea bags start as low as $5!

    You can add a personalized message with any order, so don't mind if I say "I DO" to this clever gift idea.

    Get 50 personalized tea bags for $85 (available in jasmine, breakfast, and Earl Grey).

    BRB, ordering myself some plane-shaped tea bags. Check out more amazing products at Tea Heritage on Etsy!

    And yes, I know I used this GIF twice. But it's just so perfect for this post that I couldn't resist. Sorry.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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