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    31 Gorgeous Things You'll Want To Wear On Your Valentine's Day Date

    Because 2/14 is a day to celebrate how much you *love* your outfit.

    1. An off-the-shoulder top perfect for pesky bottoms that are difficult to match. This pretty little basic can be paired with any (colorful) bottom or really-darn-trendy silhouette.

    2. A fishnet-and-lace teddy with a bow-back sure to make you say "hummuna hummuna hummuna" every time you spot it in your intimates drawer.

    3. A backless bodysuit that calls for a photo shoot. Get ready to become an Instagram influencer, sweetheart, because this number will turn you into a digital STAR. *asks date to snap 507 pictures*

    4. A lovely satin cami capable of two very important things. 1) It will have your date drooling, and 2) It will have *you* drooling whenever you pass a mirror.

    5. Link earrings that will have your date thinking you don't care about the extra guac charge. In other words, these look like they cost a bajillion dollars — but hallelujah because they DON'T.

    6. A high-waisted miniskirt you can pair with a black sweater, black tights, and black over-the-knee boots for an effortlessly chic look. Hello, Paris street style.

    7. Block-heel booties with a subtle heel that are (*gasp*) more comfortable than your elementary school Uggs. Give me a sock-like fit and I am in heaven.

    8. Statement earrings capable of transforming a plain white tee + classic denim into a seriously stylish ensemble. Live your life and start 👏 that 👏 blog 👏.

    9. A v-neck slip dress that is just as versatile as, say, a pair of black leggings. This midi can be paired with heels or sneakers, by itself or with a tee underneath, ETCETERA.

    10. A tie-front knit top perfect for Valentine's Day, sure — but it's also perfect for every single other day of the year. This is like the Disney 365 of shirts.*

    11. High-rise jeans featuring a lace-up design and a reinforced, no-gap waistband that won't stretch out after .5 wears. Goodbye, bright underwear saying hello to the world!

    12. A velvet jumpsuit sure to be the main spotlight stealer at your Galentine's Day dinner. Get ready for a slew of compliments.

    13. A stretchy velvet cami that is IT. And by "it", I mean that this is the perfect ~going out~ top that can be layered under a leather jacket or worn all on its own.

    14. A knit sweater perfect for a romantic evening spent at home, sharing takeout spaghetti with your S/O à la Lady and the Tramp.

    15. A ribbed sweater dress that stops right below the knee, so you won't have to worry about it being OMG-this-looks-like-a-top-WTF short.

    16. Drop earrings because why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it on your ears instead? Heart accessories + Valentine's Day = the perfect combo.

    17. A wrap top made from a luxurious velvet material you'll be tempted to stock up on in all five colors. Should you? Absolutely.

    18. Ankle-strap pumps that can make your wrinkled tee and "I did not buy them like this" ripped jeans look très chic. Ah, the power of a good pair of shoes...

    19. A velvet swing dress guaranteed to become the bane of your entire closet's existence. "WHY DON'T YOU WEAR US ANYMORE?" —all the other dresses you own...

    20. A ring set plated with 18-karat gold and embellished with sparkling cubic zirconia clusters that you maybe shouldn't wear on V-Day. You'll be too busy looking at your hands to pay attention to your date.

    21. A crewneck knee-length dress best accessorized with fancy jewels and a clutch for that ~epitome of elegance~ kind of look. Look at you go, exuding serious Meghan Markle vibes.

    22. A surplice bodysuit with a thong-cut bottom, meaning there won't be any granny panty (*snickers*) lines showing through the bottoms you pair this with.

    23. A two-piece set to solve all frantic but-what-top-will-I-wear- with-this-bottom problems. Bonus points for the fact that this is available in red, you festive fiend.

    24. Chunky ankle boots for anyone trying to channel their inner Lara Jean. These look like they just walked off the set of To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

    25. A knit sweater dress made to give your curves a nice, warm bear hug. Plus, the material is super soft and will feel like happiness against your skin.

    26. A crisp cotton button-down that is so simple, it gives you permission to wear every single piece of jewelry you own. Layer on those necklaces! Pack on those rings!

    27. An a-line skirt you can pair with a band tee and booties and BAM! You're officially a badass. You listen to fantastic music. You drink things like whiskey on the rocks.

    28. Splurge-worthy pull-on jeans made from a soft, stretchy material here to give your leggings a run for their money. These are polished, accentuate your waistline, and mold to your body for a personalized feel.

    29. Double-buckle boots so inexpensive, you wallet will likely cry tears of joy. Understandable.

    30. A shoulder-baring bandeau top basically made for all the high-waisted silhouettes in your closet. High-waisted skirts, high-waisted jeans, high-waisted pajama pants, etc.

    31. A square neck jumpsuit fitting for Valentine's Day. Why? It's a holiday about celebrating true love, which is the overwhelming emotion you'll feel toward this velvet beauty.

    Me @ those statement earrings (#5 on this list):

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