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    Aug 15, 2017

    33 Things From ModCloth That Are Basically Already In Your Shopping Cart

    Did I mention that EVERYTHING is 25% off!

    Angelica Baini / BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    ModCloth is currently having a site-wide 25% off sale.

    There's no promo code needed, you just need to hurry up and finish checking out before midnight (eastern time) on Wednesday 8/16.

    Here are some of our favorite things you can get there right now....

    1. A flutter sleeve gingham dress so adorable, it's almost unnecessary for me to mention that it also has pockets...


    Promising review: "So glad I purchased this dress! It's so comfy and offers a great shape." —Melissa

    Price: $79.99. Sizes: XXS-4X. Available in two colors.

    2. Adorable rain boots designed to have you jumping in puddles, not avoiding them.

    Promising review: "I've been eyeing these for a long time and finally bought them. They were worth the wait! I absolutely love them. I ordered a half-size up and they are just as cute in real life as they are online." —hornbergerse

    Price: $79.99. Sizes: 6-10

    3. A spellbinding jacket perfect for this upcoming Halloween season. It's ideal for the modern Sanderson sister.

    **adds to cart in preparation for October**

    Promising review: "I bought this jacket the day it came out because I absolutely love the ouija design. I just got it today and I already love it! This jacket is perfect for upcoming fall weather: not too heavy or too light." —Carolyn

    Price: $79.99. Sizes: XS-4X

    4. A sleek handbag guaranteed to become your go-to accessory and home to used gum wrappers and unwanted receipts.,

    Price: $44.99. Available in red and navy.

    5. A cowl neck sweater so cozy, you may want to wear it during the very warm days of August.

    "I am sweating... but also cozy." —me, wearing this sweater in 90-degree weather.

    Price: $49.99. Sizes: XXS-4X

    6. A sheath dress that no closet should live ever have to live without. The horror, am I right?

    Promising review: "This dress is every bit as va-va-voom as you think it is! The red is just as pictured and the material is thick and stretchy. This dress deserves to be in everyone's closet and I would totally recommend buying it!" —Taylor

    Price: $84.99. Sizes: XS-4X. Available in five colors.

    7. An adorable whisk you've just fallen in love with. Don't even try denying it. Who are you kitten?

    The prrr-fect kitchen utensil.

    Price: $14.99

    8. A classic denim jacket that is a closet staple. Your wardrobe cannot be complete without the perfect denim jacket.

    Promising review: "This is a very cute jacket! It runs a little small, so buy a size up. Otherwise, it's perfect!" —Michelle

    Price: $79.99. Sizes: XS-4X

    9. A collared peplum top you'll definitely want to have skullking around your closet.

    Price: $44.99. Sizes: XXS-4X

    10. A pool float that solves a very ancient mystery. We finally know why it's called a watermelon...

    Price: $54.99. Available in four designs.

    11. Oxford flats meant for dancing and not commas, thank you very much.

    Promising review: "It's a rare moment when I can spend less than $100 on shoes and brag about how comfy they are. These shoes are so cute, versatile, and perfect for every season." —M000

    Price: $39.99. Sizes: 5.5-8.5

    12. Classic high-waisted jeans you'll want to wear every morning, every afternoon, and every night.

    Promising review: "Are you on a quest for the perfect, ultra high-waisted, insanely comfortable, absurdly flatting jeans? Your quest is over; these are those jeans. I've basically stopped wearing all other jeans since these arrived because everything else pales in comparison." —Zaira

    Price: $59.99. Sizes: 24-31

    13. A wide-leg jumpsuit with a plaid print and structured tie-waist that's already in your shopping cart.

    Price: $99.99. Sizes: XXS-4X

    14. A tulle overlay dress designed by flying fairies and forest nymphs. Obviously.

    Price: $125. Sizes: XXS-4X. Available in three colors.

    15. A gorgeous necklace worn by Zenon Kar herself. Her reaction when first laying eyes on this beautiful thing: "Zetus lapetus!"

    So unique, it's out of this world.

    Promising review: "Love this necklace! I have gotten so many compliments while wearing it. So well made and fun to wear!" —Sandie2000

    Price: $34.99

    **I'm referencing Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, by the way.

    16. A satin bomber jacket that truly is the bomb dot com.

    Price: $64.99. Sizes: S-L

    17. An inflatable ring toss you'll need to be very careful around. It's pretty prickly.

    18. Dr. Martens boots that will genuinely never go out of style. Plus, these bad boys last forever.

    Promising review: "I love these shoes to death. My favorite shoe brand ever!" —Catherine

    Price: $134.99. Sizes: 5-11

    19. Knit leggings perfect for anyone that's mad for plaid. Myself included.

    Price: $24.99. Sizes: S-L

    20. A peacock-inspired tulle dress reminiscent of a different era. It's perfect for ballroom blitzes and masquerade parties.

    Promising review: "I literally cannot recommend this dress enough. It is absolutely gorgeous! The dress is breathable; not super tight or super loose." —Chloe Tharpe

    Price: $26.99+. Sizes: 2-26

    21. A graphic t-shirt that doesn't succ-ulent at all.

    Price: $29.99. Sizes: XS-XXXL

    22. A salt-and-pepper shaker set you should punch in the nose if it gets too close. Avoid wearing shiny objects if possible.

    **cues Jaws theme song**

    Price: $16.99

    23. A midi skirt guaranteed to have you twirling around in circles all day. Will you be dizzy? Probably. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

    Promising review: "What a lovely skirt! I love the pockets and the quality is good. It's not too thick but thick enough that I don't have to wear tights underneath. Plus, the back half of the waistband has an elastic stretch, so getting it on is fine." —Rachel

    Price: $59.99. Sizes: XS-4X. Available in six colors.

    24. Cicada earrings I'm absolutely in love with. Sadly, they may bug the rest of your jewelry collection...

    "Why do you not wear us anymore?" —the rest of my earrings.

    Promising review: "These are SO awesome. From far away, they look like big gold earrings. But from close up? Everyone asks, "Are those...?" Yes. It is what you think it is. Someone actually asked if they could buy them from me at a concert last weekend." —Annie

    Price: $29.99

    25. A maxi dress known to make wearers feel like a living, breathing garden.

    Promising review: "I love this dress! Whenever I wear it, I get a bunch of compliments on it. The fit is perfect and the length works with either heels or flats." —Jenny

    Price: $89.99. Sizes: XS-XL. Available in five colors.

    26. A super soft sweatshirt you'll constantly feel cold in. It is made of an iceberg, after all.

    Iceberg lettuce, that is.

    Promising review: "I've been eyeing this sweatshirt for a while, so I decided to finally take the plunge. I'm so glad I did! It's adorable and so soft: I want to wear it everywhere." —shamrock5791

    Price: $54.99. Sizes: XS-L

    27. A blanket scarf that screams "purchase me in preparation for all the apple-picking trips you're going to take."

    Other people: Summer is almost over :(

    Me: Summer is almost over :D Time to watch Hocus Pocus.

    Price: $24.99

    28. Crew socks guaranteed to make your piggies become more cultured and intellectual.

    29. A lemon-printed sundress with a borderline unhealthy Beyoncé obsession. I have no idea why.

    Promising review: "What a fun dress! I absolutely love the design and A-line is my favorite style, so this is a win-win." —R. Shockley

    Price: $18.97. Sizes: XS-L

    30. A little black jumpsuit even more iconic than the little black dress.

    Promising review: "This jumpsuit is incredibly flattering, super comfy, and the adjustable straps mean you can be as racy or covered up as you'd like. Overall, I think this may have totally revolutionized my outlook on jumpsuits. I can see this being flattering on almost any body type. This is hands down one of my best ModCloth purchases!" —Beth

    Price: $54.99. Sizes: S-L

    31. Black flats your feet would ~bee~ very happy to wear on the daily. These will certainly generate a lot of buzz.

    Promising review: "As a backyard beekeeper, I love these shoes so much! They are such cute, good-quality flats." —Sarah

    Price: $29.99. Sizes: 5-11

    32. A ruffled-hem shift dress with adorable fruit illustrations. It's part of a balanced wardrobe.

    Price: $79.99. Sizes: XS-L

    33. A space cadet-inspired knit top perfect for intergalactic travel. The tourist hotspot for this summer: Mars.

    Promising review: Va-va-voom! I love this top! The neckline and print are great, and it's cut as if it was tailored just for me. Even though it's white, the material isn't see-through and I don't need to wear a camisole under it. This is easily my favorite top." —Courtney

    Price: $44.99. Sizes: S-4X

    My reaction to the fact that everything is on sale.

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    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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