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21 Things That'll Make You Say, "Damn I'm Hungry"

Disclaimer: these images are not intended for anyone who is hungry right now.

1. A cookie butter spread that embodies everything that is good in this world.

2. Bath bombs that doughnut want to be eaten.


Get it from The Bath Candy Shop on Etsy for $5.

3. Green tea Kit Kats that are Kermit the Frog's secret indulgence.

4. A pillow that looks like a macaron, and one that will make your room a little butter.

5. Acai berry powder that lets you create the most Instagram-worthy food possible.

Congratulations to acai for being voted Instagram's most photogenic food. I'd like to extend that congratulations to the first runner-up, avocado.

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

6. Matcha green tea powder that'll help you live a matcha more delicious life.

7. A guacamole bowl that would never say, "I'm extra." It gets that times are tough.

8. A recipe book that provided the inspiration behind Kelis' 2003 hit song, "Milkshake."

9. A gourmet kit that makes it easy to recreate the work of art that is this apple pie below.

10. Chocolate bars stuffed with Oreos and Chips Ahoy, because chocolate wasn't amazing enough already.

11. Edoughble cookie dough that, fair warning, may stop the baking of cookies indefinitely.

Why bake cookies when I can just eat the dough? Hmm...

Get a pack of three from The Grommet for $25.

12. A mood ring that shows what you're feeling, every second of every day.

13. A macaron soap set made from the talented bakers over at Ladurée.

14. A slicer that will drastically improve the relationship between you and your avocado.

"I just... I just feel like you make it impossible for me to eat you. This slicer is what we need." —me, talking to an inanimate avocado.

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

15. Mini cheesecakes that come in a mason jar. I repeat, mini cheesecakes that come in a mason jar.

16. A pizza cutter that feels better than a scissor gliding through wrapping paper.

17. A pop tart and blossom kiss cookie magnet that go on your fridge...sadly, not in it.

Get them both from Scrumptious Doodle on Etsy for $12 (left) and $14 (right).

18. A goat cheese kit that is a pretty ~cheesy~ gift for your cheese-loving friend. Or just yourself.

19. Maple cream that won't leave your pancakes soggy, unlike your regular run-of-the-mill syrup.

Or waffles, as evident above.

Get it from The Grommet for $9.

20. A fondue fountain that can only be rivaled by Willy Wonka's chocolate waterfall.

21. Socks that need to be a pizza your wardrobe.

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