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    31 Winter-Approved Products For Anyone Who Is Always Cold

    ::puts freezing cold feet between partner's legs:: ::is appalled that they get annoyed::

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Fleece-lined leggings described by one reviewer as a magical furry leg dream and wow, what a compliment. These babies will keep you warm in freezing temperatures best described as "I can see my breath."

    2. A supremely cozy pom-pom blanket you'll genuinely use all 👏 the 👏 time 👏. Movie nights and Netflix binges will be improved by about 1,000%, and it'll all be thanks to t-h-i-s.

    the yellow blanket

    3. An electric space heater because your landlord controls the temperature. You can either a: start scouring Zillow for a new apartment or b: invest in this energy efficient tool, which can fit compactly on your nightstand, has three heat modes, and is what the kids would call ~aesthetic~.

    4. A universal plush cover for anyone who feels like they've brushed against Jack Frost's soul whenever they touch their steering wheel mid-January. I understand. It hurts. Thankfully this ~beary~ good car accessory can remedy that problem in a second.

    reviewer photo of the gray bear cover on steering wheel

    5. Smoko slippers that look like potatoes which, tbqh, is reason enough to add to cart. Still have ~cold feet~ over whether or not you should purchase these? They're also heated. Heated slippers inspired by something that makes both vodka and a french fry. You're welcome.

    model wearing the potato slippers

    6. A fuzzy sweater lauded by reviewers for being ridiculously cozy and soft. For a more chic version of your favorite fleece pajama top, *this* is just the ticket you've been scouring the internet for.

    7. A value pack of HotHands hand warmers, the cult-favorite product of any poor soul who has been forced to attend their sibling's outdoor soccer games in frigid weather.

    the warmers

    8. And to up the ante, a HotHands lap warmer that makes it possible to continue sitting outside on your porch — coffee mug in one hand, a mystery novel in the other — in the dead of winter.

    9. A down alternative duvet insert filled with a high quality polyester that will keep you warm but not *too* warm, aka you won't wake up drenched in sweat. It's even purposely oversized by a tad to prevent your partner from hogging the covers.

    two models laying under a white duvet cover

    10. A knee-length cardigan coat you'll regret not having purchased, like, 10 years ago. This is perfection in outerwear form: chic, warm, cozy, and can be layered over fancy and casual outfits alike.

    11. A cup cozy if you're always cold but believe, very passionately, that iced coffee should be consumed 365 days a year. Slip this cotton yarn bebe over any glass to ensure your hands don't freeze.

    the baby mug warmer

    12. A twill scarf that's basically just a deliciously cozy blanket in disguise. It's ultra soft, oversized, comes in several adorable patterns and hues, and is perfection in accessory form.

    13. Lace-up booties for a fashionable take on the winter boots you typically trudge around in (no disrespect to said winter boots). These beauties have a faux fur tongue, waterproof outsole, a teeny heel for an instant dose of chic, *and* they're currently on sale. Don't pinch me, I don't want to wake up from this dream.

    the brown and white boots

    14. A slouchy cardigan made from a luxuriously soft chenille bound to become the caviar of your entire wardrobe. TL;DR: it will feel like a combination of clouds and kittens against your skin.

    model wearing the white slouchy sweater

    15. Sherpa-lined sweats to make your legs feel as if they're being enveloped by a large, fluffy bathrobe. If you're dreading the winter and are perpetually cold (#me), then these babies are great — bonus points for a tapered leg that sets these apart from your oversized pajama bottoms.

    16. A heated seat cover that heats up within two minutes because *shivers* that dreaded warming up period in your car feels like an eternity. This plugs right into the cigarette lighter and has three heating options, which means hooray! My very old automobile can feel like it was made in this decade.

    Seat covers added to seats in car

    17. A pair of 100% opaque tights for the fashionista who insists on wearing a mini dress despite the fact that it is friggin' frigid outside. These babies are lined with ultra warm fleece and won't clash with any Insta-worthy outfits.

    A model in the black tights

    18. An ultra warm cable-knit two-piece set that will make re-watching The Vampire Diaries for the 90th time this year feel like, well, a luxurious experience. Matching loungewear = a foolproof way to feel fancy.

    19. A pair of Ugg shearling slingback sandals truly worth the splurge according to over 5,000 Nordstrom reviewers. These trendy beauties = a warm hug for your hooves.

    20. A puffer jacket crafted from a water-repellent, wind-resistant Japanese ripstop fabric and 100% responsibly sourced goose down. This hunk of perfect outerwear will keep you nice and toasty in temps of up to -30 degrees C / -22 degrees F, best described as "I can't feel my face" weather.

    model wearing the red puffer jacket

    21. A dryer-safe pet bed to keep your four-legged pal (your most important priority, really) feeling as comfortable as possible. This is designed with a padded bottom and attached blanket so they can burrow all they want. And I realize that this might not keep *you* warm — but it will keep your heart warm knowing they're cozy.

    22. A pair of sherpa-lined slipper socks so magical, they were actually featured on Oprah's Favorite Things in 2017 which tells you...everything you need to know.

    My feet in the socks, cuffed to show the sherpa lining with text to show it was 6 degrees fahrenheit at the time of the photo and saying "these slippers are the only things that actually keep my feet warm"

    23. A fleece hoodie dress that I intend on buying/hibernating in all winter long. 🎶 So long, farewell, gotta add this to my Amazon cart. 🎶

    24. A draft-blocker to keep unwelcome drafts from under your door out and precious, warm air in. Not only will this save $$ because you won't have to blast the heat (or AC) to its strongest setting, but it's also fantastic for blocking outside noises. Here's looking at you, roommate still blasting their best of 2020 Spotify playlist.

    before and after photo of door with space underneath on left and same door with draft blocker on the right

    25. Or! A five-window insulation kit that seals out the cold — all you'll need is measuring tape, scissors, a hair dryer, and a few minutes of time.

    reviewer photo of insulated window and air conditioner

    26. A Uniqlo heat-tech turtleneck perfect for layering under *any* top thanks to an ultra thin fabric that doesn't look or feel bulky. Snowboarding, skiing, snowball fights in your yard — this works like magic to keep you feeling warm, even if you are being pummeled with literal ice.

    the heat-tech shirts in white, red, and brown

    27. A cult-favorite Orolay parka to help you thrive through even the most frigid of winters; this is designed with a cozy sherpa-lined hoodie, deep pockets to keep your hands nice and toasty, and the perfect midi length to make sure your ~assets~ are covered.

    28. Hunter shearling insoles with the witchy ability to turn any shoe into one that feels appropriate for winter. Low-top Converse, come hither.

    reviewer photo of the insoles

    29. A chunky knit satin-lined winter beanie for keeping your noggin warm in less-than-toasty temps *and* for not damaging your 'do in the process. The satin lining curbs damage, prevents moisture loss, and won't compromise your curl pattern or style.

    30. A Mr. Coffee mug warmer perfect for slow drinkers who prefer their caffeine hot, hot, and hot — even if they poured it hours ago. Prepare to feel your soul be warmed with every single sip.

    ceramic mug on the black coffee maker

    31. A ChappyWrap blanket to leave you with a *touch* of summer on even the dreariest of winter days. This is reversible, machine washable and dryable, won't pill, and is inspired by ~the Cape and Islands~. Draping this around your shoulders = feeling instantly transported to Cape Cod and Provincetown.

    the blue blanket with Cape Cod design

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