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21 Things Every Gilmore Girls Fan Needs In Their Life

This list includes more than just coffee, I promise!!

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6. An alarm clock for every Lorelai who chronically oversleeps.

This alarm clock will jump off the nightstand and make weird noses to wake you up, meaning you'll actually get your daughter to Chilton before first bell.

Get it on Amazon for $50.49.

7. A Stars Hollow postcard to help people understand where you live.


8. A paisley bandana because nothing says "Lorelai" like this trendy accessory.


12. A Luke's Diner pin so everyone knows where you get your caffeine and cheeseburger fix.

14. A Rory reading list to set you on that Ivy League path.


16. A snowflake charm so you always have a piece of "magic" with you.

18. A sweater from both Harvard and Yale to show school spirit.

19. A bracelet that openly defines the Rory-and-Lorelai dynamic between you and your BFF/Mom.


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